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Cinnamon Janzer is a journalist and content writer based in Minneapolis. She has been a valued writer for Workest since 2019.

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Recruiting the Next Wave of Millennial Employees? Follow These Steps

Millennial employees are taking the modern workforce by storm. What do the hot employes have in common that they're using to attract their cutting-edge talent? Find 5 tips to get you in the game.

How Companies are Creating Flexible Work Arrangements

The demand for flexible work arrangements is on the rise among job seekers. In fact, over half of employees said the flexibility was very important to their job satisfaction. How do you stay competitive in a job market that's offering this benefit? Here's how you can implement your own.

6 Example VTO Policies Employers Should See

Why would an employer pay their employees while not at their desks? Well, VTO policies are a great way to publicly demonstrate your core values while allowing (end encouraging) your employees to get out of the office and have fun.

Why Choosing a Payroll Schedule Isn’t So Simple

There are four common types of pay schedules: monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly. Here are the pros and cons to each-- which payroll schedule is right for you?

What Small Business CEOs Need to Know About Employer Payroll Taxes

Consider this a 101 on Federal employer payroll taxes. Whether or not you are personally responsible for filing these taxes good to know the basic categories, and how they are divided up.