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Small Businesses Are Welcoming Gen Z in the Workplace

In 2019, small businesses are going to encounter challenges around talent retention. But a new opportunity grows by welcoming gen z in the workplace.

What is Short-Term Disability?

Many employers will encounter short- and long-term disability insurance at some point. Parsing out which conditions qualify for which program and the differences between long-term and short-term disability is not exactly intuitive. Nor is understanding how disability insurance fits in with the Family Medical Leave Act. The stress of navigating disability leave is no reason […]

Small Businesses’ People Problem

Unable to offer expansive benefits packages, small businesses are disproportionately affected by high turnover rates. Up your employee retention this year.

The Small Business Owner’s List of 2019 Federal Holidays

When designing a paid time off policy or managing PTO requests, take this list of 2019 federal holidays into account. Here's some more information.

What is Emotional Intelligence at Work?

We've all heard of IQ, but what about EQ? Why are recruiters looking for it in job candidates? Here's what it means to show emotional intelligence at work.

Is it Time to Try out Some New Employee Retention Strategies?

Employee turnover is one of the largest costs to a small business. To keep your best people, is it time to try out some new employee retention strategies?

The Best Holiday Team Building Games

Don't want to throw the same holiday party as last year? Use it as an opportunity to practice teamwork! Here are the best holiday team building games.

Small Business Guide to Holiday Perks (In Lieu of Holiday Bonuses)

Holiday bonuses have come to be expected, but that can pose a problem for budget-tight small businesses. Here are some other perks to offer employees.

The Main Causes of Employee Absenteeism (and What to Do About It)

Employee absenteeism is a rising problem with many possible causes. The first step is understanding why your employees are avoiding the office.

The Best HR Conferences in 2019

From HR West and SHRM, here are all the HR conferences you shouldn't miss in 2019. And you don't have to be an HR professional to find these valuable.