Dan Marzullo

As a professional copywriter, Dan produces strategic marketing content for startups, digital agencies, and established brands. He helps organizations tell stories, achieve online presence, and builds brands that communicate with their customers. Dan is also a regular contributor to Forbes. He started writing after his first professional role as a health promotions coordinator for a local family physicians office.

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It's tempting to take every job that crosses your path, but we're here to say it’s okay to say sayonara to those that may impact you negatively

Making The Bad, Better: A Leader’s Guide to Firing Employees with Compassion

Let’s face it, firing an employee is downright uncomfortable. Why? Most of us run at the first sign of any sort of confrontation.

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While team builders and company picnics are fun, the secret to employee retention is understanding what they want.

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Finding talent is hard. Keeping quaified laborers might be even harder. Explore these steps for hiring and retaining qualified workers.

How to Decrease Employee Turnover

One of the most common complaints from business owners is a lack of employee loyalty. The turnover rate is too damn high. The data suggests they’re right. A study from the Work Institute estimated that 42 million — one in four, employees — left their jobs in 2018. Yet, the same study suggests that nearly […]

3 Employee Evaluation Examples

An employee evaluation is a powerful tool for improving performance of the workplace. Use these examples to help guide your process.

Is Asking for a Salary History Going Extinct?

As more states and cities ban asking for a salary history, we look at the benefits of the bans and the impact on employers.

What are the Pros and Cons to a Contingent Workforce for Small Business?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a contingent workforce? We explore what small businesses need to consider when hiring contingent workers.