Diarra Anderson

Having a fondness for psychology and creating engaging inclusive spaces, Diarra is fascinated by how company culture, tools, and processes impact the people that power them. Because she loves learning about how people function, she is intrigued by the dawn of employee-centric technology and company missions. With this kind of thinking, she applies empathy and education every day in her personal life as well as her role in sales at Zenefits.

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How to Spread Holiday Cheer in the Office Without Breaking the Bank

‘Tis the season to be stressed? No, but unfortunately yes. The holidays are the most celebrated time of year, but for HR and business leaders whose job it is to do their actual job and provide holiday spirit to the entire company, it can get a little overwhelming. Here are some quick, easy, and affordable […]

What Do Employees Really Want this Holiday Season?

The holidays are here and companies are starting to get creative about how they will embody the holiday spirit in their offices and with their teams. Year-end bonuses, gift exchanges, and team bonding meals are a few ideas that easily come to mind about how business leaders choose to express the holiday spirit this time […]