Ember DeVaul

Ember is an HR Advisor at Zenefits. Having been raised by small business owners, she is passionate about helping small companies succeed and guiding them through their tricky and time-consuming HR issues.

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How can my company implement an employee referral program?

An employee referral program is an excellent way to build company culture and recruit the best talent within your employees’ networks. Active employees already know what it takes to succeed at your company, so they are best to judge who would be the best fit. Creating and implementing a successful referral program takes a little […]

When a candidate comes to the office, how should I organize the interview order?

The order of who meets with a job candidate during the interview process can vary from company to company. In most cases, employers use a type of hierarchical system to determine which employee will interview a candidate first. It generally depends on the size of the company and team(s) interviewing the candidate, as well as […]

Which interview questions really work?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Interviews serve as a 30 minute to one hour pitch for both company and applicant. This high-stake situation means every question counts. As an employer, you want to be able to attract top talent, and candidates want to showcase their skills and abilities without bragging. What to Look […]

What Can a Company Do to Attract More Diversity in its Candidate Pool?

Short Answer Branding yourselves an equal opportunity employer is important. If your company is known for it’s diversity, naturally, candidates in that demographic will seek out opportunities within your organization. While you do that, here are a few more tips: Make It Part of Your Corporate Culture Develop and implement an equal opportunity employment policy […]