Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson is a business writer and blogger covering payroll, employee benefits, and human resources. She has vast experience serving as a payroll and benefits administrator for large and small businesses. At age 18, Grace landed her first job: working as a secretary for a forestry company.

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HSA, FSA, and HRA Relief Under the CARES Act

Here’s what employers need to know about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and how it affects HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs.

DOL Final Rule Allows Online Disclosure of 401(k) Plans

The DOL has OK'd digital delivery of 401(k) retirement plan disclosures. Here's what you need to know to be in compliance.

What Does Retroactive Pay Mean?

Retroactive pay (or retro pay) is when compensation is due to an employee for work they already performed

IRS Allows Truncated SSNs on Employees’ W-2s

Masked Social Security numbers help combat identity theft. Here’s what employers need to know about this rule and how it affects Form W-2s.

COVID-19 Compliance: Final Rule Extends COBRA Deadlines

COBRA gives employees and their families who lose their health benefits the option to continue having health coverage. Here are important deadlines that have been suspended.

OSHA Recordkeeping Rules for COVID-19 Cases

All employers subject to OSHA’s injury and illness recordkeeping criteria must record qualified COVID-19 work-related cases.

COVID-19: Will Your SUTA Tax Rate Go Up?

COVID-19 has caused unemployment claims to soar, and business owners are wondering whether their SUTA rate will escalate as a result

Timekeeping Best Practices for Your Remote Team

Here’s how to develop strong timekeeping protocols for your remote workers and overcome challenges related to tracking and recording time.

COVID-19 Triggers State Tax Withholding Concerns

If you have employees who are working from home in a different state than your company’s state, make sure to know about varying tax withholding laws.

Wage Garnishment: What Employers Need to Know Under the CARES Act

The CARES Act suspended wage garnishments in some instances, most notably in federally-backed student loans. But some workers are still getting their wages docked.