Jean Spencer

Jean Spencer is the Sr. Integrated Campaigns Manager at Zenefits. She’s a prior journalist, a current marketer, and always an entrepreneur. Her first job was selling homemade puzzles (cardboard boxes, painted, cut up, and assembled into plastic baggies) at the bottom of the driveway for $0.25.

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Research: Employee Retention a Bigger Problem Than Hiring for Small Business

You hear hiring is a big challenge for small business. But according to the statistics, employee turnover is an even bigger problem.

5 Example PTO Policies from Actual Small Business Owners

Insight on how real small businesses handle PTO

The Data Says We Have an Employee Onboarding Problem

Business owners, at large, are failing to execute structured employee onboarding programs, despite recognizing the importance of such programs, according to an analysis of several small business reports. 79% of business leaders say onboarding is an “urgent” and “important” priority, but only 30% admit to executing a plan. That’s unfortunate. Employee Onboarding isn’t a process […]

Test Your HR IQ: The HR Grader Quiz

The success of a Human Resources department is difficult to measure. Test your skills today with our HR grader quiz and learn where you can improve!

How One Colorado Company Saved Its $165M Firm Through Strong Company Culture

This small business based in Colorado saved itself from a lawsuit that would have put them out of business-- all with their strong company culture.

How Do I Calculate an Hourly Rate from Salary? Use this Calculator.

How do I calculate an hourly rate from salary? There's a complex formula to follow... or find out using our hourly to salary wage calculator!

The 4 Myths of Hiring Employees for Your Business

There are a lot of myths surrounding the hiring process. We're here to give you the truth around hiring employees for your business.

Your 2019 HR Calendar: Tax Deadlines, National Holidays, and More

Worried about missing a deadline? Download our 2019 HR calendar for IRS deadlines, national holidays and everything in between.

20 US Cities with the Lowest Average Salaries

In a recent post, we listed America’s 20 highest paying cities, and then thought it would be interesting to look at the opposite side of the spectrum too: US cities with the lowest average salaries. Geo-specific salary information is a reflection of many factors, including (but not limited to) local costs of living, minimum wage […]

20 US Cities with the Highest Salaries

Hiring and unsure how to determine new employee pay? Location can should be a part of the consideration. Here are 20 US cities with the highest salaries.