Jordan Harris

A Content Marketing Manager at Zenefits, Jordan has a lot to say about the nuances of payroll, benefits, and HR (and about the way we say it). He was raised by small business owners, so it’s no surprise that Jordan loves helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

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What Is an HSA?

What is an HSA? What are the pros and cons of HSAs vs. FSAs? Read our complete guide to HSAs for a full picture of your best options.

Employee Onboarding Programs: Then & Now

As businesses forge into the future, more HR professionals are shifting the spotlight from processes to people. Read how to conduct employee onboarding effectively.

How much do hiring and onboarding cost?

50% of hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 4 months. Learn how much hiring and onboarding new employees cost your company. Read more.

Employee Benefits: Here’s What Top Talent Wants

What do your employee benefits say about your company? Find out what employees want, how big companies attract top talent, and why you should care.

Top 7 Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

Empower employees with our top tips for easily boosting employee productivity. We've compiled the best of recent business research, studies, and more.

Running Toward Workplace Wellness Programs in the New Year? Here’s Everything You Need

Have a workplace wellness program? This guide pulls recent data from Kaiser Family Foundation and for a full story. Download our free eBook!

Unlimited Vacation Policies: All You’ve Ever Wanted?

Unlimited vacation policies sound too good to be true, but is it? We've compiled advice from leading business owners to help you create the perfect PTO policy.

6 Ways to Show Employees You’re Grateful for Them

With Thanksgiving on the mind, we’ve been carving out some creative ways that companies can show gratitude to their employees. And by “creative,” we mean that we’re thinking outside of the standard bonus check. From recognizing exceptional employee performance to providing snacks in the kitchen, there’s a cornucopia of opportunities to show employees you’re grateful […]

An Interview With Arianna Huffington on Employee Culture & the Future of Work

Arianna Huffington took to the keynote stage last week at SHIFT: The Culture Conference to share her insights on the employee experience – and the profound impact that a company’s culture has on its success. We were blown away by Arianna’s time on stage, and we were lucky enough to grab some time with her […]

Ben Horowitz on Culture, Leadership, & Succeeding

“I don’t think I’m all this or that, but I’m all me.” – Eazy-E The New York Times wrote that Ben Horowitz is “helping define the modern tech age.” It goes without saying, we concur. He’s a bestselling author, accomplished CEO, cofounder and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and noted hip hop connoisseur. Ben gives […]