Kevin Busque

Kevin is founder and CEO of Guideline, a modern and affordable retirement plan that automates all the heavy lifting involved in offering a 401(k) so small business owners can focus on what’s most important: their business and its employees. Under Kevin's leadership, in 2018, Guideline grew its new plan count by 129%, accounting for 10 percent of all new 401(k) plans in the country. Kevin founded Guideline after seven years at TaskRabbit, the online and mobile labor marketplace that he co-founded, which was acquired by IKEA in 2017. Kevin has been featured in Inc., the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, and is a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine. His first job was building rock walls for a landscaping company in 8th grade.

2 articles

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Offering a 401(k) is a great benefit on it's own. But can both you and your employees get more out of a 401(k) match program?