Lora Patterson

Lora Patterson is an HR Advisor at Zenefits. As the daughter of a small town business owner, Lora is passionate about helping business owners navigate the tricky world of human resources. On her days off, she spends her time exploring used bookstores and traveling the world.

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The Employee Handbook, Policies to include

You’ve made the decision to create an employee handbook and you’ve begun compiling what you want to include. You’re off to a great start. Now you need to begin adding policies. Lora Patterson will share some of the most important policies to consider including in your handbook, such as sick leave, vacation, FMLA, and even […]

The Employee Handbook, Getting started

Are you thinking about creating an employee handbook but you’re not sure if it’s actually needed or where to start? Once you’ve determined to create one, now you’re not sure what to include or leave out. Lora Patterson guides you through the importance an employee handbook and the items you should start with and how […]

Here are the 2018 Minimum Wage Changes for Small Businesses

On July 1st, 19 minimum wage increases occurred across the United States; is your small business in an area impacted by these changes?

Is Your Unpaid Internship Legal? An Employer’s Guide

With the summer approaching, companies are gearing up to invite students and recent graduates to join their ranks as interns. While internships can be valuable learning experiences for new workers, many employers are unsure if — or what — they should pay these incoming workers.

Millennials in the workplace; reversing negative stereotypes

A stereotype is a widely held but fixed image of a particular type of person. There are stereotypes all around us. Most, if not all of us, are guilty of placing inaccurate stereotypes on team members and our colleagues on a daily basis. We may think, ‘he’s a millennial he just wants to be the […]

Millennials in the workplace: Structure, Feedback, and Keeping Score

Many characteristics have been attributed to Millennials from which have come potentially harmful stereotypes. With around 75,000,000 million millennials in the workplace including >20% in management position, it’s essential for companies to know how to engage with this generation. It’s important to note that whenever we categorize a group of people based on their age […]

The Most Wonderful Time of Year…for Time Off Requests?

With the holidays approaching, companies can expect to see an increase in their employees’ time off requests, but can these requests be accommodated?