Lynne MK Morioka

Lynne MK Morioka owns Social Visibility Consulting where she is a writer, communications strategist and social media specialist working with businesses and consumer brands. She has a degree in journalism and more than 15 years of experience creating and sharing engaging stories. Lynne has come a long way since her first job as a cashier at Toys 'R Us, but is still a kid at heart.

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As Regions Implement Sick Leave Laws, Small Businesses See "Huge Learning Curve"

There's no federal law requiring paid sick leave. But many cities and states are stepping in. Some small business owners say there's a lot to learn, fast.

Can You Grow with a Remote Workforce? These Startups Are Doing It

No headquarters, no office water coolers, just a growing cohesive base of happy employees around the world. This is the efficacy of the remote workforce.

How to Create the Best Company Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement for your company sounds simple enough – just summarize the values and goals of your organization. But many companies stumble in the actual writing of that mission statement. Check out these examples and our guide on how to start the process.

What the ABC Test Means for the Gig Economy: An Interview with Alan Benson

Alan Benson, assistant professor in the department of work and organizations at the University of Minnesota, weighs in on what ABC test means for employers, contractors and employees. Here's how the new law will affect workers in California, and perhaps the rest of the nation.

A Quick Checklist for Hiring Seasonal Employees

If your business depends on seasonal help, there are a few basic steps you need to take in advance to find, hire, and compensate the right talent. This checklist is designed to keep you ahead of the seasonal rush. Be sure to bookmark and keep close while hiring seasonal employees.