Matthew Keller

Matthew Keller is a Senior Payroll Specialist at Zenefits who authors our "Money Matters" column. With 20+ years of experience in payroll and accounting, Matt wants to help customers navigate frequent law changes, taxes, and more.

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How are Payroll Taxes Calculated? – Federal Income Tax Withholding

Federal income tax withholding is an estimate, but do you know how to project your desired withholding amount? Payroll guru Matt Keller provides answers.

How are Payroll Taxes Calculated? – Federal Income Taxable Wages

Payroll taxes can be difficult to understand, so payroll guru Matt Keller explains how they're calculated. Read more for helpful resources.

What are the rules for giving employees their pay stubs?

Learn the State and Federal requirements for giving pay stubs to employees. Learn what's required and visit the related Department of Labor resources.

W-2 Email Scam Continues to Affect Businesses

The IRS reissued a warning about a W-2 email scam that targets businesses' payroll and HR departments. Learn what to look for and how to secure your data.

Your W-2 – An Accurate Reflection of You?

Is your W-2 accurate? Zenefits Senior Payroll Specialist Matt Keller breaks down all of the reasons and ways to update your W-2 in this blog. Read more.

Introducing Money Matters With Matt, a Payroll and Accounting Column

Weekly column with Zenefits payroll specialist, Matthew Keller. The column covers recent payroll and accounting law changes, taxes, and more.