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Nicole is a freelance writer specializing in health, mental health, and parenting issues. Her work has appeared in Today's Parent, Crixeo, Grok Nation, Chesapeake Family LIFE, and the Baltimore Sun, among others.

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Best Practices for Compensation Comparison

Whether you’re a business owner looking to hire or a worker hunting for a job, one word is at the top of your mind: salary.

Top 10 Leadership Books You (and Your Team) Should Read

Depending on your company and industry, the winter months can be relatively slow for businesses. What do we recommend to keep your employees engaged and growing as leaders? Curling up with an engaging book is a good place to start! Here are our top 10 picks for leadership books that you and your team should […]

Young Workers Demand Emphasis on Mental Health in the Workplace

Wellness programs have been on the rise for years, but including a program for mental health in the workplace is a newer trend.

Top HR Trends (and Challenges) of 2019

The new year is a time for reflection and improvement. The world of HR is no different. Here are our best predictions of the top HR trends in 2019

4 Questions to Determine if You Have a Toxic Workplace

As a high-level executive, it might be hard to understand your overall culture. Ask yourself these questions to determine if you have a toxic workplace.

Data Show New Trends in Workplace Sexual Harassment Reports

Workplace sexual harassment isn't a new trend, unfortunately. However, reports are being made at record high numbers. Could this be a positive sign?

Your Employer Guide to Holiday Bonuses

As the end of the year approaches, your employees might be anticipating holiday bonuses. Here are the main ways these bonuses are determined.

What Business Owners Should Know about Pregnancy Discrimination

Firing a woman for becoming pregnant is, of course, illegal. But that's not the extent of pregnancy discrimination or harrassment.

What Colorado’s New Online Sales Tax Rule Means for Small Businesses

Colorado’s new online sales tax rule is complicated and may weight a bit too heavily on local small businesses. Heres what you need to know about it.

Top Reasons for High Turnover Rates (And How to Lower Them)

Employee turnover rates is a huge issue for small and midsize businesses. They're costly, tough on other workers, and hurt morale. Here's what to do.