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Nicole is a freelance writer specializing in health, mental health, and parenting issues. Her work has appeared in Today's Parent, Crixeo, Grok Nation, Chesapeake Family LIFE, and the Baltimore Sun, among others.

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What Business Owners Should Know about Pregnancy Discrimination

Firing a woman for becoming pregnant is, of course, illegal. But that's not the extent of pregnancy discrimination or harrassment.

What Colorado’s New Online Sales Tax Rule Means for Small Businesses

Colorado’s new online sales tax rule is complicated and may weight a bit too heavily on local small businesses. Heres what you need to know about it.

Top Reasons for High Turnover Rates (And How to Lower Them)

Employee turnover rates is a huge issue for small and midsize businesses. They're costly, tough on other workers, and hurt morale. Here's what to do.

Should Part-Time Employees Get Health Insurance?

It's not required by law that employees who work under a certain amount of hours per week receive health insurance. But should you offer it anyway?

How to Quiet Workplace Distractions to Increase Employee Productivity

It seems that everywhere you look around the office, there is something to break your distraction. At work, there’s Slack, Jira, emails, and Confluence. Your friends and family text you all day. Your workflow is constantly interrupted by calls, push notifications, or conversations happening just outside your cubicle (or for those in open office floor […]

Why Do So Many Small Businesses Use Pen and Paper for Payroll?

25% of small businesses are still using pen and paper for their payroll records. Let’s take a closer look at keeping payroll by hand.

Boost Productivity by Upgrading Your Food Options

Looking to boost productivity in the office? Employees with unhealthy diets are 66% more likely to report low productivity than healthy eaters. Here's why.

Reflecting on Women in Small Business Month

For women in small business month, it's time for us to examine the challenges and successes of female entrepeneurs. Where do we go from here?

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Accepting a new job entails a massive transition. With all the change, dont forget to close threads: heres how to write an appropriate resignation letter.

Open Enrollment Quick Tips

For many, open enrollment starts in less than a month! Here are our best open enrollment quick tips in an at-a-glance FAQ sheet for employers.