Sonja Jacob

Sonja writes on company culture, employee engagement, and growth. With an M.A. in sociology and a background in business, she's fascinated by people, art, and social movements.

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Hoping to boost employee productivity and build a healthier team? Find 9 tips that will restore balance and get your team motivated once again.

The 7 Benefits of An Onboarding Program

Want your new hire to hit the ground running? You have to give them the right tools & education. The best way to do that? A comprehensive onboarding program

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17 Realities of Start-up Life Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

Discover 17 truths about small business life that every entrepreneur needs to know.

Onboarding Best Practices That Benefit New Hires and Your Business

You’ve interviewed tons of candidates and finally found the right person for the job. You extend an offer and she accepts. Your work is done, right? Wrong. In reality, recruiting a candidate is just one part of an effective onboarding program. If you want to set your new hire up for success on day one […]

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