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Stacy Pollack is an Organizational Development professional with a passion for improving the workplace. She began her career in recruitment and quickly fell in love with training, coaching, and human resources. Her very first job was as a gymnastics coach. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, or at

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Learning to exist in this new COVID-19 world can cause mental exhaustion with your work and personal life. Here are signs to look for which may indicate you’re burning out and need to switch gears.

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To those who don’t have a mindfulness practice — now may be the best time to begin one.

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Reference checks can provide additional information about a candidate’s history and qualifications, and how to best support them if you choose to hire them.

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Talent management is a function within HR and can help attract, develop, and retain your workforce.

Virtual Meetings: Making Them Productive and Engaging

How do you lead an effective virtual meeting and draw people in to participate?

Virtual Onboarding Checklist For Remote Employees

If you’ve hired some new team members, you can take care of their onboarding process virtually as long as you have the right plan of action, coordination, and tools.

What Are the Top HR Certifications in Most Demand?

If you’re an HR professional looking to stay abreast of all this, here are some certifications to consider

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Working from home is now a requirement for many. We have tips on how to stay connected and productive.

How to Make Your Workplace Friendly for Parents

A family-friendly work culture benefits everyone. Here's how your small business can support expectant and working parents.

How to Choose a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for Your Company

Having an HRIS can help remove tedious HR tasks, ease the organization of data, and give companies ways to better manage their talent and create a lasting user experience for its people.