Zenefits for Managers with Business Intelligence

Zenefits for Managers gives managers the power to hire, request HR changes for subordinates, and make informed decisions based on team data.

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Managing HR isn’t easy. At Zenefits, our mission is to make a tough job a little easier by bringing free, powerful HR software to small-and-midsize businesses. We believe that SMBs should have great HR software, just like enterprise companies do.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Zenefits for Managers, along with Business Intelligence reports — two products that offer enterprise-grade workflow and analytics capabilities, without the costly implementation required by enterprise solutions. Both Zenefits for Managers and Business Intelligence are free. They’re available now for new customers and will roll out to existing customers on Tuesday, May 26th.

Zenefits for Managers

One of the challenges facing HR admins is keeping up with all of the changes happening in a busy organization — the new hires, promotions, raises, transfers, etc. It can be hard for an HR admin to process all of the changes from dozens of managers in a timely and efficient manner, leading to bottlenecks within HR.

Zenefits for Managers aims to eliminate these bottlenecks, by giving managers the ability to initiate these HR changes themselves, while maintaining admin control and visibility over changes. This means that instead of one HR admin making changes for tens or hundreds of employees, the employees’ managers can do most of that work themselves — and HR admins only have to approve or decline these changes.

With Zenefits for Managers:

  • HR changes happen faster, so your organization is happier.
  • Changes are updated in Zenefits (and your payroll, if synced), so you don’t need to update multiple systems.
  • Approval is always required for every change.
  • You can control whether managers can view their subordinates’ sensitive salary or stock information.
  • You can tailor the approval flow to meet your organization’s needs by appointing other approvers, such as your CFO, to receive HR requests.

See how it all works:

Business Intelligence

Headcount report

Zenefits Business Intelligence represents a major upgrade to our previous reporting capabilities, allowing you to harness all of the organizational data within Zenefits in a new visual and interactive way. Your executives, managers and admins will be able to access new Business Intelligence reports that will give them real-time insight into key HR statistics like headcount, compensation, turnover and more.

In addition to the new visual experience for these reports, you can also filter and view your data in a number of different ways, giving you the power to pinpoint and isolate specific areas for analysis. Want to track headcount for the last two quarters in Kansas City, or look at compensation for full-time employees in sales? Now you can. With Zenefits Business Intelligence, your organization can use data to confidently drive critical decisions.

When can we get it?

Zenefits for Managers and Zenefits Business Intelligence are now available. Read more or sign up for a walkthrough demo today.

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