Zenefits Offers New Small Business Customers Free Payroll for a Year

Payroll and HR software provider, Zenefits, is providing a free year of payroll software to new small business customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated May 19, 2022 in response to the Great Resignation and Inflation Crises gripping the nation.

Zenefits is offering free payroll for 12 months to any small business new customers, when combined with an annual subscription to any of their core HR software packages.

“As inflation and the costs of conducting business rises, Zenefits wants to help relieve the burden for small businesses and their employees” said Senior Vice President Doug Sechrist. “We don’t believe small businesses at this time should have to make the choice between paying for payroll and making their payroll.”

“We don’t believe small businesses should have to make the choice between paying for payroll and making their payroll.”

The program is significant for small businesses, which typically pay per employee for payroll software, and then also pay per employee for HR software. The move by Zenefits effectively removes the financial burden of paying for automated payroll, which can range from hundreds to thousands a year depending on the size of business. Companies also are able to save money and time with the other Zenefits seamless functions of hiring and onboarding as part of the suite. Zenefits has recently upgraded their automated solution by adding employee documentation, employee directories, organizational charts, and a native mobile app.

What is inflation anxiety?

Inflation anxiety is defined as stress about rapidly rising prices, usually accompanied by stagnant wage growth. Employers have to reshuffle their budget to ensure they have funds for core operations and the ability to meet payroll — even before a pay increase is considered. With the pandemic lockdowns in recent memory, employers have further financial stress of unpredictable cash flow.

Inflation anxiety can have detrimental effects on company morale. With the rising inflation reaching an 8.5% increase since last year, employers and their workers are facing enormous financial stress. According to the American Psychological Association, 87% of Americans are stressed about higher prices for everyday goods, including fuel, food, and other essential items.

But the financial anxiety extends to employers as well. Depending on the industry, not only have the cost of manufacturing and logistics increased but offering higher wages may also further stoke rising prices — thus potentially continuing the inflationary spiral. Learn more about inflation anxiety and how it affects employees here.

How to get free payroll from Zenefits

Zenefits product managers have stated that the offer was available for a limited period. Details on the free payroll promotion are available here.

They also announced additional efforts it was providing to current customers including:

Visit the Free Payroll Offer Page to sign up. You can also chat with an advisor from that page and ask any questions about the Zenefits total People Operations solution.

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