Now it's super simple to interact with Zenefits — right inside Slack

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Zenefits bot, at your service.

With the Zenefits bot, asking for time off is as easy as typing "request time off" and answering a few quick questions. And that's just for starters. The Zenefits bot is learning new tricks all the time.

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With the Zenefits bot installed, you're never more than a few keystrokes away from Zenefits. Once you're set up, there's no need to log in to Zenefits separately, you just interact with the Zenefits bot like you do with any co-worker.

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Need something? Ask.

The Zenefits bot understands and responds to simple phrases, so you don't need to learn or memorize complicated commands to get things done. Need time off? Just type "request time off" and the Zenefits bot responds just as plainly.

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The Zenefits bot doesn't just collect information from you. It can also share important information and follow up on requests you've made. So as soon as your manager approves that time off request, the Zenefits bot will let you know.