Platform Integrations Lead
Bangalore, IN

Here's the gist:

Zenefits is the leading all-in-one HCM (human capital management) solution for small and medium businesses. Designed as an interconnected ecosystem of apps, Zenefits delivers the most complete HR experience by combining its own powerful apps with dozens of best-of-breed providers on the Zenefits platform. Built on a modern technology stack, Zenefits’ platform provides a comprehensive Employee Record tightly integrated with Zenefits’ apps like on-boarding, payroll, compliance and benefits administration and partner apps like email, expense management, 401(k), and employee engagement. The result is a powerful HCM solution that helps mid-market businesses manage their people, stay compliant, and save thousands of hours in lost time.

Zenefits is building the first true all-in-one HR system with its Developer Platform. Developers can now use our platform APIs to create applications for our customers to use right alongside all their HR, Benefits, and Payroll tools. With the Zenefits Developer Platform, entrepreneurs can now automatically integrate Zenefits with the long tail of other services and apps they need to run their business - creating a true “operation system” for businesses.

We're looking for a platform integrations lead to help us build an “operating system” for business. You will be leading the team responsible for building out our suite of key in-house (“second party”) integrations using our own Zenefits Developer Platform APIs. You will be responsible for ensuring the team is spending their time to provide the most business value to our customers. As the very first consumers of our growing set of Developer Platform APIs, your team will also be at the leading edge of dogfooding our platform to ensure it meets the high bar for flexibility and ease of use for third party developers. As such, you will also work closely with the Developer Platform team to ensure our Developer Platform APIs will enable the next generation of first and third party apps on the Zenefits Platform. You will prioritize efforts that will both provide valuable integrations to our customers’ businesses and improve long term third party developer happiness.


  • Provide technology leadership both inside and outside of your team.
  • Break down large, risky projects into incremental, risk-managed tasks.
  • Work with product teams to conceptualize and define business requirements and transform these business requirements into products.
  • Conduct project design reviews and code reviews.
  • Spend a significant portion of your time getting your hands dirty building high value “second party” integrations for services our customers’ businesses use, using both the Zenefits Developer Platform APIs and external third party service APIs

A little more about you:

  • Bachelors/Masters degree in engineering.
  • 5+ years of professional experience doing web application development with one of Python, Ruby
  • Care about developer happiness and are willing to get your hands dirty
  • Prefer to ship software instead of keeping things theoretical
  • Good at code and database refactoring
  • Experience with server MVC frameworks (particularly Django)


  • Experience with distributed systems highly regarded
  • Experience with microservice architecture highly regarded
  • Experience with frontend Javascript frameworks (React, Ember) highly regarded
  • Experience with Java or Go highly regarded

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