Marketing Growth Engineer
San Francisco

Here's the gist:

Here's the gist:

Zenefits is the leading all-in-one HCM (human capital management) solution for small and medium businesses. Designed as an interconnected ecosystem of apps, Zenefits delivers the most complete HR experience by combining its own powerful apps with dozens of best-of-breed providers on the Zenefits platform. Built on a modern technology stack, Zenefits’ platform provides a comprehensive Employee Record tightly integrated with Zenefits’ apps like onboarding, payroll, compliance and benefits administration and partner apps like email, expense management, 401(k) and employee engagement. The result is a powerful HCM solution that helps mid-market businesses manage their people, stay compliant and save thousands of hours in lost time.

At Zenefits, we are constantly shipping software. We’re looking for frontend-focused engineers who understand marketing and growth, and have an interest in expanding their skills to backend engineering. As a Marketing Growth Engineer, you will work collaboratively with full-stack generalists, as well as frontend-focused UI engineers to deliver an awesome end-user experience for our public presence on the Web. At Zenefits we primarily use Python (Django) and JavaScript (Ember, React).


  • Balance of software-development skill and design sense
  • Real ownership of the features you build for the Zenefits public Web site, and their impact on marketing and sales
  • Willingness to take on the sometimes unglamorous tasks necessary to do the right thing for the user
  • Ability to balance the need to ship quickly with the need for quality

A little more about you:

  • Experience working with JavaScript frontends
  • Strong knowledge of CSS (Less, Sass)
  • Solid CS fundamentals (data structures, algorithms)
  • Experience with growth hacking in a start up environment
  • Experience with user metrics -- event tracking, funnel analysis, A/B testing
  • Strong understanding of how to manipulate, analyze and interpret highly complex data


  • Experience writing SQL
  • Understanding of statistics
  • Experience with browser MV* frameworks (e.g., Ember, React, Angular)
  • Experience with server MVC frameworks (e.g., Django, Rails)
  • Experience with open-source software and community

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