Senior Security Engineer (IR)
San Francisco, CA, Remote

About Zenefits:

Zenefits is the leading all-in-one HR solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S.. In one beautiful dashboard, the Zenefits People Platform gives employees complete control and access to their critical information (think payroll, health benefits, 401k, time off, talent management, an employee directory and more) behind a single log in. Our software delivers a complete HR experience by combining its own powerful tools with dozens of best-of-breed applications on the Zenefits platform (think Slack, Greenhouse, Google Apps and more).

The result? A powerful, efficient people management solution that helps mid-market businesses manage their teams, stay compliant and save thousands of hours in lost time.

Our team is dedicated to reimagining the employee experience in the new world of work. We hope you join us!

About the Zenefits Security Team

At Zenefits, our security team embodies a collaborative, efficient, and flexible working environment. While responsibilities are clearly defined, we share a common purpose and goal: employing all measures to protect against threats to our business, because our technology governs HR and payroll for tens of thousands of companies. For us, IR is way more than just staring at a screen. It's about the hunt through our systems, developing technology to evict adversaries, and teaching the company how to handle when bad things happen. We are always looking for new ideas and trying to make sure the best ideas rise to the top of the heap. We focus on results and not just debate, in fact, we are often architects, designers, and engineers, not just advisors.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Build tools to be able to find adversaries in our systems before they do damage.
  • Develop tactical countermeasures so that we can evict adversaries from our systems wherever they are.
  • Develop analysis tools and process to inform the security team about what adversaries are targeting us and how they are doing so.
  • Be an advocate for security across the whole company.

A little more about you:

  • Have a strong foundation in and in-depth technical knowledge of Incident Detection and Response.
  • Cool-headed under stress and able to calm stakeholders.
  • Can write enough code to get by. (Our Detection/Response Stack includes some interesting Python tools!)
  • Able to deal with the ambiguity associated with working in a fast-paced and changing environment; self-motivated and results-oriented.
  • 3+ years of experience in Incident Response and Security Engineering.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

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