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Employees, HR pros, brokers, carriers and everyone in between – for all the tools you need and use, you've found your partner.

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Flexible and comprehensive.
We're thinking you need both.

The world of HR is complex. That’s why we built a flexible platform for the entire HR ecosystem — to let you use the tools you need, not just the ones we provide. So keep your broker or payroll. If they’re working for you, they’ll work with our platform too. And if you need to make a change later, we’ll be here.

Give Your HR the Right Fit
HR that moves
with you.

With full mobile capabilities, Zenefits allows you to efficiently manage your HR solutions from anywhere in the world, wherever work takes you.

One employee identity.
All your tools and tasks.
HR's new workflow.

We give each person on our platform a platform of their own — a place to sync their unique identity with all the tools they need, and all the tasks they need to complete, seamlessly. It's intuitive, automated, and comprehensive, so nothing stands in the way of your workflow, whatever that means for you.


apps and integrations
Apps for days.

Every company has different needs. With Zenefits, you’ll have access to scores of apps, industry tools, and providers that cater to your company’s culture — not the other way around.

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Customer success
We make our customers' mission our own.

See how we use technology to champion customer success.




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Brokers, let’s begin a beautiful friendship.

With Zenefits, you’ve now got a technology partner and tool that actually works for you. Your clients will thank you.