How We’re Living “In It Together” with Small Businesses During This Crisis

A little over three years ago, I joined Zenefits as CEO during a time of profound uncertainty for the company. I did so because I was inspired. 

I was inspired by the people at Zenefits who advocated tirelessly for their customers and felt a sense of mission empowering small and mid-sized businesses. I was inspired by our customers, who every day competed with much bigger companies with many more resources, yet still beat the odds.

That inspiration became our purpose — to level the playing field for small businesses. And it’s what’s propelled our incredible growth.

Now small businesses all over the country are facing their own crisis. 

The fight against the COVID-19 outbreak has disproportionately impacted small businesses. In many places, the best case scenario means fewer customers and revenue. In the worst case, work has stopped altogether. Businesses, many of which already operate lean, are making tough choices, between paying people or bills, making payroll or shutting down.

As a partner to small businesses, we can’t do business as usual. We don’t believe small businesses at this time should have to make the choice between paying for payroll and making their payroll. That’s why today we’re launching our In It Together Program for small businesses.

Starting today we are offering new customers our payroll product free for 12 months with an annual subscription to any of our base HR product subscriptions. This also applies to current Zenefits customers without payroll.

As always, payruns are unlimited, and include your federal and state tax filings. Zenefits lets you pay workers of all types — including full time, part time, contractors and gig workers — wherever they are. 

For our existing payroll customers, we are upgrading your HR account and making our Well-being app available to all of your employees this week. During this period of uncertainty, we want to make resources available to employers to help battle stress and promote the health of their employees. We thank our partner Thrive for participating in this program. If you are a current annual customer no action is required on your part. The app will be turned on for all employees in your Zenefits dashboard this week.

We are also providing all current customers with weekly HR Advisor webcasts answering customer’s most pressing questions about HR and payroll at no additional cost. Customers can submit questions here

Additionally, we’re expediting benefit enrollments and cases related to COVID-19. If you or any of your employees experience a benefits-related emergency, such as timely access to insurance enrollment, you can use our the #COVID-19 hashtag in the case details section of your submission and we’ll get it expedited. We’re also proactively monitoring our channels for COVID-related inquiries to ensure they receive the requisite attention.

And we know systemic changes are happening with breakneck speed right now. We’re working overtime to help our customers navigate those changes. This includes providing immediate training on how to track sick and family leave in compliance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. We’ve also quickly responded to special enrollment periods that insurers, such as UnitedHealthcare, have announced.

If you are not a current customer, you can learn more about the free payroll offering here. If you are a current customer and you have questions about the Well-being app or digital HR Advisor webcasts, look for information from us later this week, or reach out to your designated customer manager.

We continue to provide free tools and information for all small businesses, regardless of vendor, multiple times per day at Our customers can also connect with us and each other to share best practices in our Club Zen community. And our SVP of Business Operations, Issac Vaughn, is providing updates regarding both Zenefits and other helpful information to all customers on a weekly basis.

Over the past week, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that “we’re all in this together.” At Zenefits, “In It Together” has been one of our core values the last three years. It’s on the walls of our — now closed — offices, adorning our clothing and internal awards, ingrained in our culture.

It’s in that spirit that we’re taking these steps.

We’ll get through this because we’re in it together.