All smiles with stress-free health benefits and payroll

Chew Dental Group

Industry Healthcare
Location California
Customer since 2016
Employees 1-10
Zenefits solutions
Certified Broker Partner, Payroll, Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Benefits

From the day Rodney Chew opened his own dentistry practice in 1991 until 2016, Rodney was also serving as a one-man HR department: he hired, onboarded, and ran payroll for employees, and did his best to walk them through their health benefits options.

Business Issue

Rodney Chew was spending too much of his dental career on administrative HR tasks, running payroll, helping employees navigate benefits, and painstakingly checking laws and regulations for every new employee he onboarded.


With Zenefits, Rodney has reduced the time he spends on HR administration and payroll by at least four hours each month. He’s now confident that he’s not missing steps or regulations in the onboarding process. He loves that Zenefits empowers employees with mobile access to health benefits and time off. Rodney has gained peace of mind knowing his payroll and HR systems are compliant and error-free.

Relief from teeth-gnashing administrative tasks

Rodney is spending a lot less time digging around in file cabinets and workplace legislation these days. After seeing how much time he saved after signing on with Health Benefits in 2016, Rodney soon expanded to bring on Payroll and Time & Attendance and a seamless experience for himself and employees.

With Zenefits, I feel confident
knowing all the steps
of onboarding, payroll
and compliance are
taken care of.

Rodney Chew

“I feel confident knowing all the steps of onboarding, payroll, and compliance are taken care of.” Not only is onboarding a breeze, but day-to-day changes like giving an employee a raise are painless now, since all information is centrally recorded and accessible. “Having Zenefits track everything in one place is so valuable. I can check on any computer and actually help my employee instead of digging that up in a file somewhere.”

Having Zenefits behind him lets Rodney eliminate steps in onboarding. “Now I can hire someone without having to do background work and research what I might be missing.”

Taking the pain out of payroll

When it came to payroll, Rodney knew how important it was to get it right. He took hours ensuring accuracy and factored the payroll cycle into every scheduling decision, including whether to attend dentistry conferences and even his own vacations. What used to be a painstaking process is now a quick once-over, Rodney said. “Taking the hassle out of payroll has freed up time and attention.” Free of burdensome, manual payroll processes, Rodney is able to pay employees from the road—and doesn’t need to miss vacation or a conference to make sure payroll is done on time.

Empowering staff to manage their own benefits

Having a modern and integrated solution for HR lets Chew Dental Group make a good first impression on new hires. “It gives me a feeling that we’re up to speed and progressive as a business.” New candidates and employees alike give Rodney feedback that they’re impressed with the system, and they especially appreciate being able to go over healthcare options with their partners at home, instead of relying on a quick conversation in the office—along with a mountain of not-so-quick printed forms.

For Rodney’s part, he likes that his employees are getting accurate, timely answers to their questions without having to go directly to him. That kind of on-demand access saves time and builds transparency, he says.

“Zenefits lets me focus on helping my employees and running my business. I’m happier, more relaxed, and I think that has a positive effect on everyone in the office.”