Cybersecurity company uses Zenefits to onboard and manage its contingent workforce


Industry Government/Public Sector
Location Washington, D.C.
Customer since 2015
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Certified Broker Partner, Onboarding, Core HR, Compliance, Benefits

EmeSec is a DC-based cybersecurity company helping governmental agencies get and stay compliant with data security processes and standards like Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), FedRAMP, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In turn, they use Zenefits to efficiently onboard new employees and keep themselves compliant with HR regulations across multiple states.

Business issue

95% of EmeSec’s contracts are with governmental agencies, and depend on last-minute funding decisions. EmeSec needed to be able to onboard new contingent workers quickly and compliantly in order to grow.


With Zenefits, EmeSec can quickly onboard and offboard employees as staffing needs change. Jenna Mullikin, HR Talent & Acquisition Manager, now uses Zenefits’ all-in-one streamlined system to make sure contingent workers are ready to go on day one of a new contract award.

Taking a cybersecurity company out of its filing cabinet

When Jenna Mullikin first joined EmeSec, she knew she wanted to make the HR department her own. Her first step? Finding a replacement for the filing cabinet system in place at the time.

“HR is the backbone of a business’s success; I knew my role would be vital to EmeSec’s growth, and I wanted to make sure we took it seriously. Otherwise, HR can be an overlooked department.”

Jenna appreciates how streamlined Zenefits has made her people processes, from onboarding to health benefits. And with OneDigital, Zenefits’ certified broker partner, “EmeSec gets competitive healthcare rates as a small employer.”

Efficient onboarding & offboarding gives EmeSec an edge

In the government contract world, efficiency is everything. “As soon as the funding is received, the job starts,” Jenna explained. “Zenefits helped us support a big contract win, by being able to onboard employees over the holidays and right up to the night before their start date.

We were able to onboard 15 people within 48 hours of their start date in January 2018.” In fact, Jenna was able to log on remotely as she got ready for her New Year’s Eve plans, and could move the process along without jeopardizing her own evening.

Another employee was able to onboard from South America, where he was spending the holidays with family. “Remote onboarding streamlines the process significantly,” Jenna said.

Zenefits helped us support a big contract win: we were able to onboard 15 people within 48 hours of their start date in January 2018.

Jenna Mulllikin
HR Talent & Acquisition Manager

Zenefits helps Jenna manage the offboarding process for Emesec’s contingent workers, too: “Zenefits assists us with separation emails to employees, and offers employees ongoing access to their records after they leave. It’s great to have a portal of all past employees’ records rather than rummaging through a filing cabinet.”

Benefits and compliance for a changing, diffuse workforce

With EmeSec’s constantly evolving workforce, Jenna needs to track changing compliance requirements in different states across the country.

“HR Library [Zenefits’ database of legal requirements and HR best practices] offers up-to-date information, which is extremely helpful. We were able to start a new batch of hires across five different states, reviewing rules and regulations all in one place. If I was doing this on my own, I’d be going through different states’ websites and digging through the archives to make sure we were compliant.”

With Zenefits, Jenna can help focus EmeSec’s energy on keeping their own clients compliant—and winning their next big contract.