Scaling its business with Zenefits and OneDigital


Industry Industrial
Location Houston, Texas
Customer since 2017
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Certified Broker Partner, Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Benefits, Paid Time Off

EnviroSMART is a small, swiftly-growing pest-control agency based in Houston, Texas. With the support of Zenefits, the company has been able to absorb 4X growth and manage all of its people programs without the need to hire any additional HR employees or spend any more time on administrative tasks.

Business Issue

In just over two years EnviroSMART grew from 11 to 39 full-time employees. They knew they needed a solution to help manage the increased management burden.

We’re experts in the services we provide — we’re not HR experts. With Zenefits, we don't have to be.

John Parker, Chief Operating Officer

Before EnviroSMART adopted Zenefits, John and Candice Durkin, the office manager, were personally completing all the payroll and benefits paperwork then double-  and even triple-checking it to guard against natural human error.


To ensure that their quickly-scaling employee roster didn’t require an equally expanding HR team, EnviroSMART turned to Zenefits. Now HR is streamlined, payroll only takes a few clicks, and benefits with their trusted advisor, OneDigital, is more automated and optimized all in one system. This gives the fast-growing company confidence in the accuracy of all of its people programs.

Benefits simplified with OneDigital + Zenefits

John Weigel, EnviroSMART owner, decided to sign up for Zenefits in January of 2018 after his OneDigital benefits advisor demonstrated Zenefits’ services. “Our trusted relationship with our OneDigital advisor made us feel very comfortable that the combined solution with Zenefits would be beneficial to us, and we’re happy we listened to her!”

While EnviroSMART relies heavily on the benefits management feature, they also use Zenefits for timekeeping, hiring, interviewing, and, perhaps most importantly, onboarding new hires. This last feature has been particularly useful in helping their organization attract their main employee demographic: Millennials.

Technology for Millennials

Most of EnviroSMART’s workers are between 22 and 30 years old, and those employees look for certain technological advancements in the onboarding process and beyond. Being able to choose their own benefits packages, engage in open enrollment, and request time off from their mobile devices is an attractive aspect that comes easily to this generation of workers.

Parker likes these features as much as his Millennial employees do, as they allow him to measure the amount of initiative each new hire demonstrates. Do they immediately complete the tasks and paperwork the platform guides them through? With Zenefits, Parker can watch, measure, and check all the details of this process.

Focusing on the road ahead, not paperwork

All the office manager at EnviroSMART, a large component of Candice’s job is scheduling and routing technician’s travel between customer sites. This time is factored into their rates and is one of the most delicate processes the organization engages in, as it carries the greatest potential for accidents, damages, injuries lost productivity, and profit.

To keep their technicians productive and safe, Candice needs to prioritize route efficiencies and welcoming new customers over administrative paperwork.

Before Zenefits, Candice was responsible for open enrollment for all EnviroSMART’s employees. With a new hire joining the team an average of every six to eight weeks, that was 20 to 25 hours per month spent sending emails, setting meetings, and filling out paperwork. It also meant a lot of guilt whenever she made a human error on something as important as health benefits.

Since selecting Zenefits, Candice uses that time to stay laser-focused on business efficiencies, with the peace of mind that the staff is being well cared for.