Impact gets smarter about its remote team with Zenefits


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Employees 51-150
ROI Saved 25% of time and resource to add each new employee
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Chris Duprey, Chief Operating Officer at IMPACT, an inbound marketing firm, is not shy about using unorthodox tools and methods to run the company’s growing business and motivate his young staff.

He learned from Army generals, Buddhist monks, and his own experience to grab the attention of his team. One of his recent blog posts was provocatively titled, “Chris if you cut me off again, I’m going to punch you in the mouth!” So, when he saw that ADP couldnt keep up, in terms of time and money, he made a change.

Business issue: Making it easier to be nimble

IMPACT hires the best talent, wherever they are. Its staff of 61 people reside across 20 different U.S. states. Chris needed a way to unite the team and ensure they can collaborate easily online and also have equally easy access to pay, benefits and HR information at their fingertips. Likewise, he wanted to make the administrative process much simpler for his operations and talent team of three.

Solution: One stop HR technology foundation

At the recommendation of his benefits insurance broker at OneDigital, Chris selected Zenefits to replace ADP and to build out its people program support with Zenefits HR, Benefits and Payroll solutions. IMPACT employees do their onboarding paperwork online on Zenefits — typically in less than 10 minutes. That information becomes the foundation for subsequent automated changes to their payroll as they subsequently select benefits, optional health and commuter savings accounts or even get a bonus or a raise. All in one place.

Zenefits allowed us to do our operations exponentially faster and with clarity. The value of HR for onboarding makes every penny of investment in Zenefits, worthwhile.

Chris Duprey
Chief Operating Officer

Small Firm, with Big Needs

With two-thirds of IMPACT’s staff spread out nationwide, payroll is a big compliance challenge. “The range of tax things we have to deal with is significant,” says Chris. “ADP could handle it, but it was very expensive. The team at Zenefits, like us, is very nimble, good at listening, and care that we are happy. They’ve got us covered. This is why I keep declining ADP’s offer for six months of free payroll.” When the firm needed to support hiring nearly 15 people over a few months, the streamlined online onboarding in Zenefits cemented its value.

Powering Aligned Autonomy

IMPACT agency is organizing itself for aligned autonomy, setting its people up in “squads” or veritable mini-agencies within the agency.

“Our best client success is when we can help our clients tell their own stories,” adds Chris. “Internally, we have a huge leadership focus on communication and valuable interactions. If we can ask the right questions, develop the right skills and bring the right presence to see things in different perspective, we all win.”

Therefore, ensuring the right hires with the right benefits, incentives and development options is critical. Chris points to three differentiators in the Zenefits People Platform that help IMPACT win:

  • User experience. “Our people really like it; it’s been simple and easy for employees and administrators, alike. That is key.”
  • Mobile. “Our team lives on their phones. If it’s easy, I want them to ask the questions and get engaged with that pay and benefits data, like: ‘how come my deductions changed?’ The more engaged they are with their own financial awareness and wellness the better they will be at contributing to our squad management.”
  • Partners. “We did our first benefits open enrollment with Zenefits and OneDigital last year. The experience was super simple: it took me 15 minutes. Even though we switched carriers, the set up was minimal. A great experience with zero hangups.”

The Zenefits “Ah-Ha”

“I shouldn’t care so much about a company that does HR and Payroll software, but with Zenefits, I do,” adds Chris. “It makes us exponentially more efficient and compliant from the point of hire. Before Zenefits, I didn’t have good insight into our onboarding process and how we paid our people. Now I do.”