Tech Consulting Firm, LeapPoint, Simplifies its Own Business with Zenefits


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Location Reston, Virginia
Customer since 2016
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Core HR, Compliance, Performance Management, Benefits, Paid Time Off, Payroll, Onboarding

Founded in 2006, LeapPoint advises Fortune 500 clients on processes and technologies to streamline their operations. The high-growth company has built a great client base and a number of industry accolades in Forbes and as one of the best management consulting firms in the nation. To stay ahead of that success, LeapPoint needed to heed its own advice and better streamline its internal people strategy and process with technology.


As a strategic tech consultancy, LeapPoint’s “product” is its people. When the company started hiring its first remote staff members in 2015, it became clear that its paperwork-intensive people process needed to change. LeapPoint’s management looked for digital infrastructure to accommodate the hiring, growth, and development of its team.


They selected Zenefits in 2016 in order to streamline and organize the hiring and onboarding process. Since then, LeapPoint has augmented their use of Zenefits to support the full span of their people operations including, Benefits, Payroll, Performance Management, Compliance, and Time Off management.


Heeding Their Own Counsel

“We help our clients with technology and process to realize their goals, more quickly,” says LeapPoint Partner Beth Anne Wilhelm, who also runs the firm’s operations and finance. “When it came time to turn the lens on ourselves, we saw that Zenefits was perfect for us and fits into our bigger picture tech infrastructure for the future. Zenefits is now part of our work management system roadmap.”

Zenefits is perfect for us and fits into our bigger picture tech infrastructure for the future.

Beth Anne Wilhelm,
Partner and CFO

LeapPoint’s work management roadmap was developed to support an increasingly distributed and highly-skilled workforce of consultants, implementation, and development experts. Therefore it requires systems that supply mobile on-demand access, plus knowledge sharing and cultural “connective tissue” to ensure its far-flung teams can collaborate and operate seamlessly across clients, time zones, and geographies.

“We want the best people, so their locations aren’t as important to us as their skills. That said, even with the technology in place to support their work, whenever we hire someone in a new state, we have a moment of ‘ugh’ considering the new set of registrations and compliance we need to absorb. But Zenefits helps us simplify that part of the process too,” adds Beth Anne.

That level of support is important as customer demand fuels LeapPoint’s growth.

“We use Zenefits to grow our business as a predominantly remote company. “ With Zenefits, we have streamlined internal operations, expanded benefits offerings, and created an environment where even remote employees stay connected with their team, through coaching and development.”


Replacing Paperwork with Performance 

LeapPoint operations and development teams point to three crucial ways that Zenefits helps the company save time and resources to advance its team and business performance: more meaningful orientation; more informed and cohesive team development; and more insightful and timely reporting.

  1. With Zenefits, LeapPoint moved employee onboarding time investment from a full day to just an hour or two per person.
    “Our trust in our Zenefits-enabled process, allows us to focus new hire orientation on building a solid working relationship, instead of filling out paperwork,” says Beth Anne. “This is especially important as the majority of our resources are remote. In 2018, we hired 13 new employees across 8 different states. With Zenefits, this process was simple and clear for us and our new team members.”A recently-hired LeapPoint employee said: “The Zenefits portal made onboarding and benefits selection easy to navigate, remotely. The simplicity of the guided step-by-step instructions panel allowed me to move through paperwork and insurance options online with minimal questions for HR. Zenefits made this process seamless.”
  2. Second, LeapPoint is seeing time savings, goal alignment and peace of mind from using Zenefits’ Performance Management app.
    “We used to spend 16-20 hours three times a year preparing for the performance review cycle,” said Jessalyn Klein, LeapPoint’s Change Management Practice Lead and Head of Coaching and Development.  With the reviews organized in Zenefits, it is much more organized and easily tracked.“More importantly: people on the team have thanked us for leveraging Zenefits as a platform through which they receive more clear, direct, and actionable feedback on key competencies that help them excel in their roles. They now establish individual development plans aligned with company goals and appreciate their enhanced ability to see where their professional growth impacts the growth of our entire organization.”
  3. Third, the company also saves nearly one day a month on payroll.
    HR Administrator, Taylor Simpson,  used to compare data between its legacy payroll system and Zenefits for important data insights on the impact of its people operations.

    The reporting in our legacy payroll system was quite cumbersome and difficult to use,” says Taylor.  “When we started using Zenefits payroll in Q2, 2019, the all-in-one system gave us time back and built our trust that the data is more accurate.”

For this high-flying consulting firm, making Zenefits its HR system of record —both for its impact on operations and for its ability to empower and connect its remote workforce— is simply smart business.