Lumaverse Strengthens Communities with Group Management Platform


Industry Consumer Tech
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Customer since 2019
Employees 51-150
Zenefits solutions
Payroll, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Performance Management, Benefits

Launched in June 2020, Lumaverse Technologies has been quietly building a unique collection of online tools to support nonprofit and K-12 community engagement. Their vision — to empower people to change the world together — attracted equity funding in 2017. That, in turn, has been used to acquire brands complementary to the flagship product, SignUpGenius.

Even Mike Barros, CEO of Lumaverse, couldn’t have envisioned how essential that collection of tools would become. Today, Lumaverse solutions are: scheduling online church services; helping busy healthcare waiting rooms stay socially-distanced; used to organize social justice protests; and powering communities to provide food for an escalating population of unemployed families.

Lumaverse knows the power of technology to remove complexity.


With 130 million users and bigger plans for growth, in 2019 SignUpGenius knew it needed one HR system to tie together, map and manage a continual amount of shifting — of different people, emails, org charts, schedules, and more. But first, it needed to migrate off paper files, manual onboarding, manual compliance and other disparately managed HR requirements.


SignUpGenius selected Zenefits. Then it got to work, building up its business.

“With Zenefits, today Lumaverse supports 87 employees from eight different brands all with one HR Administrator,” says Peggy Liao, Executive Director of Marketing.  “In one year, our employee headcount grew 155%. As our teams shift and grow, Zenefits has been critical in letting us take care of our team members and exceed their expectations as an HR organization.”

While looking for an HR system, our ‘ah-ha’ came from thinking through what it could look like to have a tool that could grow with us from 37 to 50 to 100 to 500 people.  We’ve found that tool in Zenefits.

Dottie Bedell
HR Administrator

Connecting for Good

Lumaverse covers a wide (and growing) range of group management functions including: online sign ups, appointment scheduling, course registration, membership management, volunteer management, donor management, and fundraising/crowdfunding. When paired with operational software, Lumaverse solutions amplify an organization’s ability to engage with volunteers and donors making it easier for them to donate to, set appointments with, and even register for classes at the organizations they care about.

“I was attracted to the Lumaverse mission: to power nonprofits and schools with the same power and simplicity in software that tech companies expect,” says Peggy.

She joined Lumaverse in October, 2019 and was the first employee with a Lumaverse email address. “My onboarding, thanks to Zenefits, was smooth. It is easy for me to check where people, documents and processes are.”

What wasn’t as smooth: the company launch she’d been hired to orchestrate. It was put on hold five months later due to COVID-19. Yet, that didn’t stop existing customers from finding new ways to apply the connected products to help cope during the Pandemic.

“I love seeing how agile people are,” adds Peggy. “Our customers quickly started collecting donations for front line workers, coordinating PPE donations, and managing school lunch pick-ups. Our team acted quickly in response to that need. They built Zoom integration into sign ups so people could insert a web conference link where they used to insert a map. We provided course registration and certification for healthcare workers and first responders. Churches started registering parishioners who wanted to attend church from their living rooms. Everyone realized they needed tighter appointment scheduling. And crowdfunding shot through the roof–we’ve never seen anything like it. It’s such a privilege to be of service during this time.”

For example, a nonprofit in Marin County, California, rallied community leaders and volunteers to donate and distribute food for families impacted by COVID-19 business shutdowns. Using Lumaverse tools for volunteer sign ups and crowdfunding they raised $75,000 in under a week — a big success for a first-time crowdfunded program.

Similar to how Lumaverse removes complexity to create stronger communities, their use of Zenefits make the myriad people operations of this acquisitive company much easier to manage.

Supporting A Quickly-Growing, Distributed Team

Zenefits enabled Lumaverse to evolve from a 34-person team working out of one office to a parent company of multiple brands across the United States. Before COVID, about half of the team worked remotely. As of March 2020, everyone did.

“As we’re quickly growing, changing, and tweaking our organizational chart, we’re often moving and shifting folks as we land on what Lumaverse’s ‘best self’ might look like,” says Peggy. “Because of this, Zenefits’ multi-tenant reporting feature is quickly becoming our favorite.”

Lumaverse is using multi-tenant reporting to manage and report on all of its entities from one company hub. This feature also enables managers to have access to different groups, based on reporting relationships, to support anything from performance reviews to approving time off.

“With the help of Zenefits people and products, Lumaverse was not only able to implement our original goals, we were also able streamline performance reviews and manage open enrollment benefits with less overhead,” says Dottie Bedell, HR Administrator.

Lumaverse is quick to point out the value of their Zenefits services too. For example, Dottie says that their Customer Executive, Chad Holloway, was a huge advantage in their success.  “As we added new companies, he helped ensure multiple implementations, deep training on a product we ended up loving, and early access to a beta product that is key for us.”  Lumaverse also appreciated the Zenefits enablement program option. “Every time we add a new group, we can discuss the unique transitions and get our questions answered. This helps me, as our sole HR practitioner, become a Zenefits power user.

“We appreciate the role Zenefits plays in supporting a 155% increase in company headcount with no increase in HR staff. This is exceptional considering these employees are transitioning off existing —and very different— HR systems into Lumaverse’s processes while working remotely.”

Now that Lumaverse Technologies has formally launched, the company looks forward to growing its team with the help of Zenefits.

“While looking for an HR system, our ‘ah-ha’ came from thinking through what it could look like to have a tool that could grow with us from 37 to 50 to 100 to 500 people.  We’ve found that tool in Zenefits.”