Inspiring comfort for customers and staff


Industry Retail/eCommerce
Location California
Customer since 2015
Employees 150-300
Zenefits solutions
Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Compliance, Benefits

In 2011, Jonathan Shokrian started MeUndies as an underwear subscription company, disrupting a $130 billion dollar “basics” market with an injection of comfort, color, and fun.

Eight years, 10 million pairs of skivvies and 155 employees later, MeUndies exists not just to create comfortable products but to inspire a sense of comfort in their wearers and who they are. The company delivers on their mission for building community and inclusivity via their team’s core values: stay balanced, go further, build relationships, champion differences, and be humble. Brittany Martin, MeUndies HR manager, helps to build the people behind the business, bringing the brand to life.


MeUndies was driving a fundamental shift in comfort, quality, and experience in purchasing men’s and women’s underwear. They needed tools to help likewise find, develop, and retain a team of people—the “Cheeksquad”—as intrigued with their vision as the company’s founders.


In 2015, MeUndies selected Zenefits to support their HR and benefits programs, removing the paperwork that kept their new HR team from doing what the company does—innovate and delight.

Building the people behind the “cheeky” brand

“Showing our people that we care—vs. telling them we care—is what our company is all about,” says Brittany Martin, MeUndies manager of HR. “We’ve set up programs to help inspire work-life balance among our people, which has been crucial in demonstrating our genuine care for our team. When we stop caring about people, our people will stop caring about our customers.”

Caring for MeUndies team, starts with understanding their individual needs. “A lot of people are building different sets of skills and priorities on how and where they tap those skills. As a people programs leader, I know that as things change, we have to change the way we work.”

In fact, one role on the MeUndies HR team is an employee experience manager who helps the team live the brand. For example, when they launched a Star Wars underwear line, with limited release of three styles for “you and/or your boo,” HR threw a Star Wars party for the team.

Zenefits makes everything simpler. It creates a single, useful and intuitive place to access, update, and use information. Zenefits replaces clutter and complexity with relevance and value.

Brittany Martin
HR Manager

“Technology, like Zenefits, is key to how the MeUndies HR team gets more time to remain flexible, get creative and go further,” adds Brittany.

Getting employee experience right, from the beginning

One of MeUndies’ biggest HR “ah-ha’s” with Zenefits is the seamless communications and process flow.

With Zenefits integration to recruiting software, Greenhouse, “Onboarding gets scheduled right from offer letter,” says Brittany. “It just pops up in the dashboard. It makes us look oh so put together to our new hires!”

“With other systems, everything goes to HR to route and sort at every stage of a person’s work journey. I spent so much time securing signatures on forms before. In Zenefits, document management lets me set up filters to see what groups haven’t signed anything from onboarding to benefits enrollment. With Zenefits, our people’s background and benefits don’t get lost in someone else’s inbox.”

Re-investing in new programs

With Zenefits, MeUndies’ HR team has freed up time, energy, and resources to reinvest in their people. For example, MeUndies HR team has launched a new learning program with time and budget saved from using Zenefits.

“Zenefits makes it easier for us to monitor what should be in the background so we can use our time making that journey even more meaningful for our team members,” says Brittany.