Empower your business through COVID-19

Quickly navigate regulations and automate uncertainty, to drive your business forward

The world of work is changing daily and you need the knowledge and tools to set your business up for success. With evolving regulations, pay incentives, tax-deferrals and a distributed workforce, Zenefits People Operations Platform helps you streamline your business through this pandemic.


The platform that supports:

  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (HR6201)
  • CARES Act
  • COVID-19 Special Benefits Enrollment Period
  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • Digital Workforce Management and Separation


Inform Remote Employees of Their Workplace Rights

Admins can use the “company documents” functionality in the documents app to share state and federal labor laws digitally to remote workers. 

And, with People Hub, People Operations teams can pin new company documents to the top of the news feed for all workers to see.

Not Sure if Employees are Comfortable Returning to the Workplace?

Use the new Employee Engagement Surveys tool directly within Zenefits to get feedback directly from your employees.


Easy COVID-19 Time Entry

Zenefits has proactively added in the appropriate types of Emergency Paid Sick Leave categories directly into the Zenefits Time Off app for all customers’ accounts. Employees can choose from one of two new drop down time off options: COVID-19 Self Care or COVID-19 Family Care. We’ve also highlighted this with a yellow banner at the top of the Time Off app.


Leave of Absence Made Smart

A pre-built template makes it easy to align with the nuances of Emergency Family and Medical Leave mandated through HR6201.

Streamline record keeping, so you’re always on top of EFMLA and you can maximize the payroll for your business and your employees.


Get the tax credits your business deserves.

Zenefits has created three new Covid-19 earnings types in Zenefits Payroll. Amounts entered into these new earning types will automatically apply as a credit against all social security, Medicare, and federal income tax liability within the same calendar quarter.

Get the RIGHT Data to Apply for the Payroll Protection Program Today

We know that time is ticking for companies to apply for the massive $349 billion Payroll Protection Program loans. So, to make it easier to apply, we’ve created a calculator that uses the data from your past 12 months of payroll to calculate how much of a loan you could qualify for.

Further, our report pulls most of (and in some cases all of) the necessary data you will need to provide for a PPP application, in one downloadable Excel sheet.

...we applied for a PPP loan. Documentation is the hardest part of the process. But, with Zenefits, we pulled that report right from the system. It was a total game-changer for us. We got a loan and we've saved multiple jobs. Thank you, Zenefits.

Brooke Baskin, CEO of 2B Living

New 12 month Payroll Report: “Coronavirus Emergency Loan”

This report estimates how much you can borrow based on calculations directly from Zenefits Payroll.

You can learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program, if you are eligible for a loan, and how to apply here.


The support you need for Special COVID-19 Benefits Enrollment

As Coronavirus spreads, medical carriers are opening Special COVID-19 Benefits Enrollment Periods to ensure employees are able to protect what matters most. These QLEs currently don’t align under IRS Section 125, which require them to be made ‘after-tax.’

Zenefits has streamlined administration to ensure you’re always in compliance.

  • Employees can easily enroll or update coverage
  • Administrators can simply identify the eligible employees that took action, then streamline deductions to stay compliant with IRS Section 125

The resources for everything COVID-19

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (HR6201)

From time tracking, tax deferment, and pay rate nuances Zenefits helps streamline every step

COVID-19 Special Benefits Enrollment Period

As carriers take action to support employees, Zeneifts automates deductions to help you align with IRS Section 125

Digital Workforce Management and Employee Separation

Product Support