Open Enrollment - Doing It Right

Open Enrollment - Doing It Right

The best thing you can do to run a smooth Open Enrollment is invest in a People Platform like Zenefits to help you administer plans.

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If you want to run a remote Open Enrollment, start thinking about a People Platform NOW...

You really can’t get an early enough start on Open Enrollment planning. The best option is to use a mobile-app enabled People Platform, like Zenefits.

  • Use your own broker or use one of ours
  • Employees can view and compare plans, and make benefits selections directly from their phones
  • Admins can automate data exchange with carriers to save time
  • Admins can streamline payroll deductions to keep costs covered

But we can’t stress it enough…you’ve got to start early. You’ll need time to:

  • Shop and compare HRIS systems
  • Purchase the software
  • Implement the new software


Smooth OE requires the right timing

The following table is designed to help you with a work back schedule for when you would need to purchase Zenefits in order to run a digital Open Enrollment this year.

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Why Choose Zenefits?

  • Benefits elections sync with our natively built payroll system
  • The user experience is beautiful and easy-t0-use
  • Carrier and plan information is presented clearly
  • Employees love us
  • Employers love us (read more)