Payroll and HR, working together
to save you time and money.

Say hello to payroll software that runs itself.

Zenefits Payroll software lets you run payroll effortlessly. Because it integrates seamlessly with the entire Zenefits platform — HR, Benefits, Time & Attendance, Time Off, Compliance, and more — every change flows directly into your pay runs, keeping earnings, deductions, and taxes up-to-date for you. Which means you get to manage everything in one place and we automate the hard stuff.

Already have a payroll provider?
We can work with that.

Even if you work with another payroll provider, Zenefits makes it easy for you to share your HR and benefits data with your existing solution. Setting up External Payroll minimizes the work you need to do to keep your payroll up-to-date. The Zenefits platform supports popular payroll providers such as Gusto, Intuit, and Paychex.

External Payroll

Spend less time managing employee time off.

The Zenefits Time Off app makes it easy for administrators to track and manage time off requests. Whether reviewing and approving vacation requests, sick leave, personal leave, and more—it’s all done online, all in a matter of seconds.

Time Off

Streamline time entry and recordkeeping for hourly employees.

The Zenefits Time & Attendance app simplifies the way companies track and manage time for hourly employees. With pre-configured overtime calculations, time card fraud safeguards, and mobile clock-in/clock-out, we help make it easy for your employees to accurately report hours and give you peace of mind in the accuracy of the calculations and reporting.


Payroll Resources