Introducing Season 2

Didi D'Errico, Vice President of Communications at Zenefits
Jul 6, 2021

The way work gets done has changed—and the way you think about it has to change too. But you don’t have to do it alone. POPS! is back for another season of can’t-miss stories, examples and tips about pivotal people moments in three episode formats. Tune in as we continue to pursue our promise: to make it easier for small businesses and their people to succeed in the new world of work.

The way work gets done has changed—and the way you think about it has to change, too. But you don’t have to do it alone. POPS! is back for another season of can’t-miss stories, examples and tips about pivotal people moments in three episode formats.

Our 5-minute POPS episodes share expert insights to your thorniest and most pressing workforce questions. The longer-format PIVOT interview style episodes will give you access to some of the greatest minds in business. And, new this season, we’ll bring you PREVIEW—our shortest-form episode format. We’ll share principles from the People Operations book while also keeping you updated on the latest trending news that impacts people in small businesses.

Tune in as we continue to pursue our promise: to make it easier for small businesses and their people to succeed in the new world of work. 

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Didi: The last few months, I’ve been here on the mic, introducing you to experts and innovators with their stories, research, and practical tips for building pivotal people, programs, the goal to help you and your small business move from higher risk, but low value human resources. To adaptable, measurable and experience centric people, operations.

We call it people work. Why? Because the way work gets done has changed. And the way you think about it, that has to change too. In our first season, we shared context on the new world of work in a few different episode styles from half hour expert interviews to two minute bite-sized insights on trending people topics, and we made it real.

We helped you sort out everything about your workforce and your workplace from how to deal with COVID vaccination. Recently legalized marijuana, polarizing social topics in the workplace, mental wellness, managing harassment, and the science behind changing leadership practices to motivate your remote staff.

And thanks. You told us how you binged during lunch on a few of our five minute pops, Q and A’s how you gather your whole team together for our pivot expert interviews and how you like the super short way we unpack relevant data in our new preview shows. So we’re stoked for season two with a healthy lineup of heavy hitting perspective and up to the minute content.

And we’re going even deeper on people, operations based on our newly released and best selling book and a whole set of tools and tips to make it easy for you to advance your people practices. So here’s a quick summary of why you should hit that follow button this season. First every week we share expert answers to your thorniest and most pressing workforce questions with our short pops, Q and A’s.

For example, we dig deep to survey small businesses and their people for data-driven insights. We even surprise ourselves with our answers like this one on vaccinations and returning to work. This one came from our [email protected], Andrea Curry and Jean Lee, take a look. 

Andrea: Almost half of employees in our survey have not received a shot.

And then those that are not vaccinated, 64% actually don’t want to receive COVID vaccination. And on top of that, we wanted to find out how comfortable employees feel working with colleagues that are unvaccinated. What was surprising to us was that we found majority 52% of our respondents said they are comfortable working in their workplace with colleagues that are not vaccinated.

Didi: Second, we’ll also continue to give you access to some of the greatest minds in business with our pivot interview style episodes, we’ve lined up practitioners and book authors alike. We’ve got three new best-selling book authors for the season, two lineup business ethics bestseller Sabrina horn joins us to talk about the importance of building your business and teams with integrity and honesty.

Versus the very real cost of trying to fake it till you make it, you crossed 

Sabrina: the line when you start to say things or do things that are at someone else’s expense. And that could simply be, for example, like exaggerating the truth. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re talking to a venture capitalist, and maybe you’re stretching the truth a little bit about what your product can do today versus next year.

Maybe you haven’t even really thought about what you’re doing next year. Maybe you haven’t even had the conversation, but you’re exactly training the truth. Or you can minimize the truth. Like you’re downplaying the seriousness of a crisis or you’re omitting the truth. Lying by omission is actually a very common because you’re actually telling the truth.

You’re just leaving out certain facts. 

Didi: And third, we’ll keep it timely with our preview shows to keep you updated on the latest trending news and data impacting small businesses. If you’re thinking about your career advancement and a people role, you might want to take a look at trending titles.

Here’s a snip from a preview with the data behind the most popular people, titles from our CMO and coauthor of our new book. Kevin Marasco. 

Kevin: Over the past five years, people operations related job titles have grown almost six times faster than human resources related job titles, according to LinkedIn, and between 2014 and 2019, the chief people officer CPO was the number two fastest hiring C-suite job on LinkedIn, out of all C-suite titles, more popular even than the chief revenue officer and the chief customer officer.

And last year, 2023 out of the top 12 fastest growing C-suite titles. But the chief people officer, the chief talent officer and the chief diversity officer, the CHR chief human resources officer didn’t even make the list. Goodbye, HR, hello people ops 

Didi: we’re here to make it easier for your small business and your people to succeed in the new world of work.

And who am I again? I’m Didi, your guide to navigate the constantly changing landscape with inspirational guests and experts. And PS, if you want to chill on the couch, we have a show for that POPS! The people operations show is on YouTube for your viewing. Pleasure. You want to know more head over to for more content that you can grow your business with.


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