PREVIEW: Can you afford the HR tax on your business

Kevin Marasco, CMO at Zenefits
Aug 24, 2021

With the average compliance citation exceeding $30,000, you pay a heavy penalty for not doing HR paperwork and administrative tasks correctly.

What’s the key to avoiding the “HR tax”? In this episode of PREVIEW, Zenefits Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Marasco explains why automating certain HR tasks is faster and cheaper than completing them manually. 

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On this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • [00:30-01:00] The state of the small business “HR tax”
  • [01:00-01:39] How automation can save time and money
  • [01:39-02:05] HR’s opportunity to be a “force multiplier”


Can you afford the HR tax on your business? What I mean by tax is something that you don’t necessarily want to do, but have to kind of like, well paying taxes, unless you’re an accountant that is, this is preview the show, highlighting the people, operations trends you need to know. Joining us is Kevin Marasco, Chief Marketing Officer at Zenefits.

40% of small business owners say bookkeeping and taxes and the worst part of owning a small business, but they spend up to 35% of their time on HR administrative related tasks and paperwork. That’s more than one week per month. And what’s worse than spending too much time on it is not doing it right.

Six out of 10 small business owners say they struggled to keep up with compliance and regulations. And the average compliance citation now exceeds $30,000. And it just goes up from there. So the risk is high and whether you’re a small business owner or an HR people pro the key is automation. It’s faster, cheaper, more consistent leading to less errors.

And my favorite part less headaches studies show that half of all of today’s world. And the world can be automated. And a study by KPMG shows, moreover that 76% of the 21 most popular HR tasks can be automated through technology. But here’s why that’s really important. That’s time that could go back into the business reinvested into customer relationships, sales, marketing.

So instead of making a million dollars. Could probably make 1.3. And for people leaders, the opportunity is even greater. The reason is instead of being bogged down in administrative work of one person, you have the opportunity to be a force multiplier of the entire workforce, focusing on activities, programs, and initiatives that improve employee engagement productivity.

An output of the entire workforce, the entire company. So we want to go from pushing paper, to being a force multiplier for the entire business. Want to learn more about how to adapt for the future of work? We have a book for that. Check out the link below to pre-order people, operations coming out June 22nd.

Before you go get busy again, let’s turn the mic over to you. It’s a pop quiz. How is your organization adapting to accommodate the future of the way we work? If you’ve got a great answer, share it with me at [email protected] Your insight. It just might land you a pops podcast interview to share your genius.

I’m Didi and this was PREVIEW.


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