PREVIEW: The Future of Work Has Arrived

Kevin Marasco, CMO at Zenefits
Jun 1, 2021

Eight in ten small business leaders believe the who, how, and where of work has changed forever. The future of work is here—is your business prepared?

On this episode of PREVIEW, Zenefits Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Marasco talks about a key challenge facing small businesses as they adapt to the new world of work: getting to know their own employees.

On this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • [00:30-00:58 ] How Zenefits gathers data on what makes for a resilient organization
  • [00:59-01:36] Why getting to know employees is a challenge leaders need to overcome
  • [01:51-02:14] POPS! Quiz: How is your organization adapting to accommodate the future of the way we work?

After you Listen:

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Kevin: 80% of small business leaders surveyed at the beginning of 2021 say that the, where, how, and who they work with has changed forever. The future of work has arrived. Is your business ready?

Didi: This is PREVIEW, the show highlighting the people operations trends you need to know. Joining us is Kevin Marasco, Chief Marketing Officer at Zenefits.

Kevin: We’ve worked with over 30,000 small and mid-sized businesses to take a close look at what works for creating a more resilient organization and a better employee experience proven to drive real business value and accelerate growth. The term future of work is not an esoteric thing. We’re only talking about Zenefits major corporate leaders, companies of all sizes, industries and locations are wondering how they will transition not returning to a work environment like they once had.

Companies are concerned that even before working remote business leaders didn’t know their employees. Well, in fact, a lot of companies, you can find out more about their employees on LinkedIn than their own company and their own systems at big companies. They didn’t know where employees live, what they were working on, where their offices were, or how productive or nonproductive they actually were.

Removing the classic office makes this even more difficult before you add this to the long list of what keeps you up at night. We’ve got some ideas available on a new book available June 22nd from Wiley publishing. We’ve added a pre-order link in the show notes below. If you want to sleep better and do better.

Didi: Want to learn more about how to adapt for the future of work. We have a book for that. Check out the link below to pre-order People Operations coming out June 22nd. Before you go get busy again, let’s turn the mic over to you. It’s a POPS quiz. How is your organization adapting to accommodate the future of the way we work?

If you’ve got a great answer, share it with me at [email protected] Your insight. It just might land you a pops podcast interview to share your genius. I’m Didi and this was PREVIEW.


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