PREVIEW: The Office (As we knew it) is dead. So is HR.

Kevin Marasco, CMO at Zenefits
May 18, 2021

Eight out of ten business leaders say that the pre-pandemic workplace is not coming back, but the office isn’t the only thing being disrupted by hybrid and work from home life. The entire department and role of HR is, too.

With the rise of remote work and hybrid workplaces, work isn’t the only thing that’s changing right now. The entire HR function is being disrupted, too.

On this episode of PREVIEW, Zenefits Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Marasco highlights exactly how HR is changing, from the demand for virtual benefits to HR job titles.

On this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • [00:00-01:00] Why the HR function is in a state of disruption
  • [01:01-01:43] How HR titles are changing
  • [01:59-2:20] POPS quiz: How is your organization shifting from HR to people ops?

After you Listen:

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Kevin: Eight out of ten business leaders say the pre-pandemic workplace is not coming back, but the office, isn’t the only thing being disrupted by hybrid and work from home life. The entire department and role of HR is, too.

Didi: this is PREVIEW the show, highlighting the people operations trends you need to know. Joining us today is Kevin Marasco, Chief Marketing Officer at Zenefits. 

Kevin: Digital transformation, the proliferation of data and demand for new policies and procedures are putting new pressures on HR leaders everywhere.

It’s no wonder they’re burning out quitting and changing jobs at record pace. Increased flexibility. The demand for virtual benefits shifts in location and compensation and additional healthcare and wellbeing solutions only exacerbate the complexity of the new normal we’re in the best companies. Not only they rebooting the office, they’re rethinking the entire HR function completely.

In fact, even the title is fading away into the sunset. Over the past five years, people operations related job titles have grown almost six times faster than human resources related job titles, according to LinkedIn, and between 2014 and 2019, the chief people officer CPO was the number two fastest hiring C-suite job on LinkedIn, out of all C-suite titles, more popular even than the chief revenue officer and the chief customer officer.

And last year, 2023 out of the top 12 fastest growing C-suite titles with the chief people officer, the chief talent officer and the chief diversity officer. The HRO chief human resources, officer didn’t even make the list. Goodbye, HR. Hello, people ops 

Didi: learn more about the shift from HR to people ops. We have a book for that.

Check out the link below to pre-order people, operations it’s coming out June 22nd. And before you go get busy again, let’s turn the mic over to you. It’s our pop quiz. How is your organization shifting from HR to people ops. If you’ve got a great answer, share it with me at [email protected] Your insight just might land.

You have pops podcast interview to share your genius. I’m Didi and this was PREVIEW.


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