Q&A: Why should I re-recruit our staff?

Danny Speros, Director of People Ops, Zenefits
Feb 1, 2022

A record number of people resigned from their jobs in 2021 and over half of the workforce is considering changing jobs in the next year. With over 10 million open jobs, it’s safe to say most of your employees are being recruited by someone else. Danny Speros, VP of People Operations at Zenefits, explains this […]

A record number of people resigned from their jobs in 2021 and over half of the workforce is considering changing jobs in the next year. With over 10 million open jobs, it’s safe to say most of your employees are being recruited by someone else.

Danny Speros, VP of People Operations at Zenefits, explains this competitive talent market means you need to re-recruit your staff. But you don’t need an elaborate process. Re-recruiting is a chance to check in with your people, understand how they feel about their current role, and learn where they want to grow.

In this episode, Danny reveals how thoughtful questions and simple changes can help people feel better about their job and career trajectory.

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On this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • [00:00] Why you need to re-recruit your employees
  • [01:30] A simple approach to re-recruiting
  • [02:30] Conversation starters to check in with your people

POPS Star Bio

Danny comes from a family of entrepreneurs and spent 8 years running the family construction business including HR, Sales, Operations and Accounting. He understands the joys and challenges of building a business and learned a lot about how to avoid some common pitfalls. This context fuels his passion for working with other small businesses at Zenefits. Today, Danny taps more than 20 years of People Ops and small business leadership in his role as VP of People Ops at Zenefits. This makes him a great guest expert for the podcast, so you’ll hear from him often.  And you might just catch an occasional cameo from his young daughter in the background.


Danny: Why should I re recruit our staff?

Didi: Welcome to POPS, the show that shows you how to shift from human resources, paperwork to people operation, but the new world of work Hamill by answering one question at a time

today, to help us answer your question. Here’s Danny. The VP of People Ops at Zenefits

Danny: the great resignation, the most recent quit rate that we’ve seen in November of 2021 was a single month record, high number of resignations at four and a half million people. And that puts 2021 on track for a record high number of resignations throughout the county.

And we’re not done over half of employees are still considering changing jobs in the next 12 months. On top of all that there’s more than 10 million open jobs right now. So to say it’s a competitive market would be an understatement. It’s safe to say that most of your employees are being recruited by someone else right now.

So maybe you should too, but they already worked for me. So I would I re recruit. Well, what people want and the skillsets that they have and the things that they find important and value in their life, all of those things have changed pretty drastically in the last couple of years when they were hired or when they were last promoted, what is now their current job was exactly what they wanted and what they were qualified for at the time.

But as people change and grow, it’s important to keep up and to make sure you’re continuing to challenge them and offer them the types of opportunities that are most valuable to them and offer the work environment that’s most conducive to their productivity. And let’s be honest with their lives. Now re recruiting, doesn’t have to be a long elaborate process.

We don’t need to set up for interviews with different panels of people. We don’t need to see resumes. It’s nothing like that. It’s really just a chance to check in with your people, make sure you understand where they are in terms of their career development, their job satisfaction and where they want to be down the road.

And also what they don’t want is important. Managers can do this in a conversation where they just set aside some time to step away from the tactical day-to-day work and have a deeper conversation with their people around what kinds of things they want, where they feel like they’re. Some sample questions that people could ask are just some real simple ones.

And these can be conversation starters. It doesn’t have to be yes or no, but just ways to get the conversation started with perhaps even are you happy here with your job, with the company, with the flexibility that we offer, some other questions include what’s the best or the worst part of your job. And this is a tough one.

Have you ever considered leaving? If so, What would you change if you could. I like to call this one, the magic wand question. If you had a magic wand, what would you change and what can the company do? What can I do to help make you feel like you’re appreciated more for the work that you do and more valued questions?

Like those will elicit some honest responses and people may be scared at first, but it’s important to just let them know. This is just a conversation to help me better help. In my experience re recruiting my teams over the years, I’ve been amazed to find simple things that we could do to help people feel better about their job and ultimately their career trajectory.

I’m sure you will too.

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