Partner with our people. Not just our technology.

The perfect balance of technology and the human touch.

We’re in it together, and there’s more to a good relationship than just software. That's why we’re committed to giving you the support, attention, and advice your business deserves.

We deliver an experience that meets and exceeds your needs by understanding your goals and unique organizational requirements, and through a well defined services framework.

From setting up your account with Implementation Services, optimizing your Zenefits experience with the Customer Success team, partnering with our Advisors for your challenging HR and payroll questions or fine tuning Zenefits with Education Services, our team is here to help.

If you just want to see what others are doing with Zenefits ask a peer in the Zenefits Customer Community. And if for any reason things aren't going as expected, team up with Customer Care and our online Help Center to resolve any product-related issues.

Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is dedicated to ensuring your success on the Zenefits platform. You can contact our team by email, chat, or phone via Our team is available 5AM - 6PM PST and looks forward to connecting!

Help Center

Quickly and easily find answers to technology and product-related questions through our self-serve Help Center. It features hundreds of useful articles, FAQs, and videos, and is constantly being updated to reflect our latest platform features.

Broker Services

Zenefits partners with licensed brokers who are committed to helping you make informed benefits decisions based on your business and employee needs.

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Implementation Services

Onboard swiftly and smoothly. From understanding your HR goals and business objectives to configuring your Zenefits dashboard, work with a Zenefits expert who will help import your data, educate you on the platform, and arm you with the tools to be successful.

Zenefits Customer Community

Connect with your peers. The Zenefits Customer Community lets you exchange ideas — online and even in-person — about how to solve the most pressing questions facing your business.

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Customer Success

Ensure you get the most out of the Zenefits platform. Qualified customers will work alongside a strategically-focused Customer Success Manager who will optimize your Zenefits experience, drive business reviews, and help you meet your goals.

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HR Advisor

Our team of experts is available to help you navigate even the most difficult HR issues. And because Zenefits is already your HR system of record, our experts have access to key information about your company and your employees so they can provide advice tailored to your specific situation.

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Payroll Advisor

Get more than a payroll processing service. Zenefits Payroll Advisor’s certified payroll experts help navigate the most complex situations in an industry of increasing regulation and compliance risk.

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Ultimate Advisor

Combine the expertise of both HR and Payroll Experts to help you navigate the complexities of compliance, all while helping you get the most out of the Zenefits platform.

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Education Services

New to the Zenefits platform? Want to become a certified Zenefits expert? Check out our Zenefits Education Services, with courses and content that enables you and your workforce to best leverage the features of Zenefits.

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