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What’s better: Bi-weekly payroll? Or 1st & 15th? And Why?

I've always not completely understood this....curious if there are accou...

What project management tools are among your favorites?

There's so many tools out there to help run your business (Slack, Asana, Tr...

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401k Company Match Limits for 2020

If you’re looking for competitive benefits, matching a 401k can be extremely attractive to candidates. Here are the company match limits for 2020.

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German company tests 5-hour workday — but bans workers from their phones

A German company is saying goodbye to the old 9-to-5. Instead, they have instituted a 5-hour workday. The tradeoff? Giving up your cell phone and keeping small talk to a minimum. We’ll wait and see if they are able to keep up with the same amount of productivity …

Supply Chain Dive

82% of Small Businesses Believe Trade is Key to Economic Growth

A recent survey by FedEx examined the attitudes of US small business leaders toward international trade and found that “a substantial majority of U.S. small business leaders (82%) see increasing U.S. trade as beneficial to the overall economy.” Furthermore, 75% of small business heads reported that overseas online sales are an important key to the growth of their business.


FACT CHECK: Do Robots Or Trade Threaten American Workers More?

During the Democratic National Debate, the issue about American workers losing their jobs to automation, particularly in the manufacturing industry, came to the forefront. NPR fact checks recent studies, and the solutions poised by Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.



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