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Why Companies Are Hiring a Head of Remote Work (and Why You Should, Too)

We spoke with Darren Murph, Head of Remote Work at GitLab, about some defining skills that should be in this unique job description.

The 2021 Hybrid Workplace: What It Is and How to Structure Yours

If you’re looking to combine both remote and in-person work at your company, a hybrid workplace may be the solution for you.

Remote Perks Packages: What’s in Them and Should You Offer One?

Start building or updating your remote perks packages with these ideas.

Free Small Business and HR Compliance Calendar: April 2021

Get to Know Your Customers Day, Earth Day, IRS and COBRA deadlines — find out what else is happening in April with our free calendar.

Do You Still Need an Office? Here’s a Pros and Cons List

You may be wondering if you still need office space in the post-COVID world. To help you decide, here’s a guide that looks at both positives and negatives of keeping an office.

How to Calculate FICA for 2021

Learn about FICA, Social Security, and Medicare taxes, and how they impact your business this year.

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