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7 Best Practices in Creating Your Onboarding Plan

Here's how to create an effective onboarding plan that provides new hires with tools, information, and connections to set them up for success.

HR Headaches: Should You Be Monitoring Employees’ Social Media?

Find out how to monitor employees' social media profiles the right way and what you should check for.

6 Tips for Working With and Evaluating Freelance Workers

Unlike traditional employees, managers can't control a freelancer's schedule. Your freelancer should give you a general timeline for deliverables and adhere to that timeline.

7 Employee Onboarding Problems Companies Can Avoid

A new hire's first few months will pave the way ahead. Avoid these common onboarding problems for a positive and successful employee onboarding experience.

HR 101: What is a New Hire Probationary Period and Why Should You Have Them?

82% of hiring managers saw signs the new hire would fail. These numbers illustrate how valuable a planned probationary period can be to assess every new hire in your company.

7 Employee Onboarding Problems Companies Can Avoid

A robust and structured onboarding process can create the framework for employee success.

HR Headaches: How to Get Employees to Use Your Task Management System

Want employees to use your platform? These tips will help you onboard them successfully.

The Latest Tech-Driven Recruiting Practices

Tech-driven recruiting practices are changing how we hire. Here's what you need to know.

Checklists for Automating Your Hiring Process

Automating your hiring process? There are checklists for that. Efficiently speed up your recruitment efforts with these lists.

New Employee Announcement: When and How to Make This Important Introduction

Get your new hires and their coworkers acquainted early with an introductory new employee announcement email. Here's why, how, and a handy template for what to include.

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