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HR Fast Facts: How Do Employees Enroll Dependents?

Employees can enroll eligible dependents, such as children and spouses, under their insurance during their company's initial or open enrollment periods.

HR Fast Facts: What Does It Mean if a Plan Has an After Deductible Copay?

If an employee has a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), they will have after deductible copays.

HR Fast Facts: Can Employees Make Changes to Their FSA Contributions?

Employees can make changes to their flexible spending account (FSA) contributions in only 3 cases.

HR Fast Facts: Limited Non-Assessment Periods

Learn about limited non-assessment periods for first-time Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) under the Affordable Care Act.

HR Fast Facts: What’s in a Summary of Benefits and Coverage?

The Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) explains different health benefits in a plan.

HR Fast Facts: Court Ordered Health Insurance Enrollments

ERISA mandates that employment-based group health plans are required to extend healthcare coverage to the children of employees when ordered to do so by state authorities.

What You Should Know About Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act Compliance

Learn more about ACA compliance — like determining ALE status and offering patient protections — in this guide.

HR Fast Facts: How Are FSA Contributions Deducted?

Employee flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are funded through employee payroll deductions and company contributions.

HR Fast Facts: What Does Aggregated Applicable Large Employer (AALE) Stand For?

An Aggregated Applicable Large Employer (AALE) refers to a group of affiliated tax entities that are under a single employer.

HR Fast Facts: What Is Affordable Coverage for Health Insurance?

Affordable coverage under the ACA means that an employee’s required contribution for self-only coverage doesn't surpass a certain percentage of their household income.

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