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What is Constructive Discharge and How Can It Hurt Your Business? 

Constructive discharge is, in effect, an involuntary resignation.

What Is the Portal-to-Portal Act?

Determining compensable work time under the Portal-to-Portal Act is not always clear-cut.

How to Spot a Bad Apple in Your Organization

Discover the best strategies for how employers and managers can identify, work with, and communicate with problem employees.

Should You Worry About Negative Employee Reviews Online?

Learn why negative reviews on Glassdoor and other review sites matter — and how to handle them.

Quiet Quitting: What It Is and How to Combat It

Is quiet quitting really a thing? Yes, and it is insidious. Here is what you need to know to help keep your employees happy and engaged.

How to Use the EEOC to Help Guide your Company Anti-Discrimination Policies

The EEOC outlines ways to create a welcoming environment that promotes diversity at all levels.

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