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Forced Arbitration Prohibited in Sexual Harassment Cases Based on New Law

At the Act's enactment, about 60 million Americans were under an employment contract that required mandatory arbitration before a claim could be filed for harassment.

The ADA Court Ruling That Saved An Employer From Increased Risk

If a worker poses a direct threat to their safety or the safety of others, they might not be qualified for the position under the ADA and, therefore, increase the company's risk exposure.

What Is a Hostile Work Environment, and How Do You Fix It?

All business owners should ask: What is a hostile work environment? Then they should make sure the term doesn’t apply to their business.

The Best 9 Books for HR Challenges

There are books written by HR leaders to help you overcome every challenge.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Comes to Maryland

Leave under the Maryland paid family leave law runs concurrently with FMLA leave.

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