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Employee Social Media History: Red Flag or Personal Business?

Learn best practices for checking the social media accounts of employees or prospective employees and what you must avoid.

North Carolina Cities Sign Onto Movement Banning Hair Discrimination

Employers in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Wake County are prohibited from discriminating workers based on hairstyle and textures.

Step-by-Step Guide for Filling Out a W-4 Form

For many people, hiring forms are a mystery. But it’s important to understand your income tax obligations, and how to use IRS Form W-4.

Calculating Overtime: Tips for Avoiding Mistakes

Learn how to avoid common mistakes when calculating overtime for your employees.

TIN or EIN? How to Choose Your IRS Tax Identification Number

Get help figuring out what type of tax identification number you need and should use when conducting business.

Hiring Workers With Disabilities: A Comprehensive Guide

Hiring workers with disabilities can benefit job seekers, the community, and your business.

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