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EEOC Updates COVID-19 Guidelines

The guidance comes as many employers wonder how or if they can reinstate laid off, furloughed, or even newly-hired employees as the virus continues to spread

Confused and Waiting for Promised Financial Relief, Small Business Owners Turn to Each Other for Answers

Small business owners are navigating a maze of glitches and changes to access promised financial relief. And many say time is running out.

DOL Issues Guidance on FLSA Issues Related to COVID-19

The DOL released an FAQ regarding COVID-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act. The guidelines help clarify critical issues and keep employers in compliance.

Confidentiality and COVID-19: Balancing Privacy and Protection

Here’s how to balance protecting the private medical information of employees who may have COVID-19 while also caring for the rest of your staff.

SBA Coronavirus Relief Loan Applications Open for Small Businesses in Florida

The SBA made Florida small businesses eligible to apply for coronavirus relief loans worth up to $2 million.

Trump Wants a COVID-19 Payroll Tax Cut, and What It Means for Small Employers

Trump has proposed a payroll tax cut in response to the coronavirus fall out. What would that mean for small businesses?