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Filing Federal, State, and Local Taxes: What SMBs Need to Know

File your taxes correctly and on time with these organization and submission tips.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp?

Advantages of pay-as-you-go workers' comp insurance include small down payments and convenient, accurate payments. Here are the pros, cons, and what else to know.

A Checklist for Managing Your First Payroll

If your business is starting to hire employees, here's how to set up payroll for the first time.

Connecticut Passes CROWN Act to Ban Workplace Hair Discrimination

Learn about the CROWN Act movement, experiences from Connecticut lawmakers about facing hair discrimination, and what is happening on a federal level.

Are You Calculating Gross Wages Correctly?

Learn why it’s imperative to calculate gross wages correctly — and how payroll software can help.

Your Guide to Self-Employment Tax and the Rates for 2021

If you’re wondering what you’ll pay in self-employment tax in 2021, read this guide.

Equal Pay Day Is March 15, 2022: How to Show Support

The pay gap between women and men has been narrowing, but the progress has been slow.

How to Write a Policy on Substance Abuse in the Workplace (Free Template)

Here are tips on how to create and enforce a strong policy on prohibiting working while impaired — plus a sample template you can customize for your business.

2021 Workplace Changes Under the Biden Administration

Learn about some legislative changes that may be coming in 2021.

PPP Audit Notice? Here’s How to Prepare for a Paycheck Protection Program Audit

Audits are part of a necessary SBA process, so don’t panic if your business gets selected for one.

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