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Remote Worker Reimbursement

Several states, the District of Columbia, and the city of Seattle have laws requiring organizations to provide their employees with reimbursement for any “necessary work-related expenses.”

Massachusetts Court: Employers Can’t Delay Workers’ Final Pay

The Massachusetts decision holds employers accountable if there is a delay in the payout of an employee’s wages.

Illinois, Massachusetts, Miami Beach Employers Face Hair Discrimination Bans

The states of Illinois and Massachusetts and the city of Miami Beach have approved their own versions of the CROWN Act.

HR Fast Facts: Increase in Massachusetts State Income Withholding

The State of Massachusetts subtracts withholdings for FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes from employees' gross taxable wages before calculating their MA personal income withholdings.

Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19 Assessment Rates in Massachusetts

In 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance adjusted the unemployment insurance (UI) tax rate to include a new COVID-specific employer charge, the COVID-19 Recovery Assessment. 

Employer Medical Assistance Contribution Rate in Massachusetts

The Employer Medical Assistance Contribution (EMAC), which replaced the Unemployment Health Insurance (UHI) tax in 2014, helps to fund subsidized healthcare for low-income individuals in MA.

Massachusetts Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Employers in the Bay State: learn about Massachusetts payroll tax and registration here.

How to Ensure Your Pay Practices Are in Compliance With Pay Disclosure Laws

Find out what your company needs to know about pay transparency and complying with pay disclosure mandates.

The Definitive List of City and State Leave Laws

Providing workers with time off from work to care for themselves and family members during times of illness was a high priority for many of the state legislatures before the advent of the coronavirus.

If an employee gets sick after using all of their Paid Time Off (PTO) for the year, am I obligated to grant them additional paid time for sick leave?

Are you required to give your staff members additional paid time off if they become sick but already used all of their PTO for the year? Find out here.

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