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Forced Arbitration Prohibited in Sexual Harassment Cases Based on New Law

At the Act's enactment, about 60 million Americans were under an employment contract that required mandatory arbitration before a claim could be filed for harassment.

Ways Employers Are Helping Employees Access Abortions Across State Lines

The proposed reversal of Roe v. Wade has caused many employers to expand support for workers seeking abortions.

HR Headaches: How to Assist Employees Who Need Help Due to Gas Price Increases

Discover low to no-cost ways you can help employees get to work when there are rising gas prices.

Retirees Are Re-entering the Workforce: What It Means for Employers

Some retirees who voluntarily left the workforce are now returning. Learn about the benefits of hiring or rehiring them, and how to best transition them back to work.

Court Sets Aside Parties’ Intent in Finding That Worker Is an Independent Contractor

Here's how an Illinois employer incorrectly classified a worker as an independent contractor — and how employers should carefully examine appropriate tests to determine how to classify a worker.

90% of Americans Can Go Maskless Indoors, According to Newest CDC Guidance

Healthy Americans are safe to go maskless in places where transmission and hospitalizations are low.

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