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How to Combat Summer Slump

Since the stiffness of regular life is usually what people are trying to shed during the summer slump, letting the office be a little more casual during the warmer months can help.

Common FMLA Employer Mistakes

The FMLA, ADA, and worker's compensation laws can overlap. Some serious health conditions that qualify for FMLA leave can also qualify as a disability under the ADA.

8 Federal Employment Laws to Keep Top of Mind

Here's a list of 8 federal employment laws that employers should consider to know their legal obligations.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Comes to Maryland

Leave under the Maryland paid family leave law runs concurrently with FMLA leave.

4 Things You Can Do to Support Your Company’s Working Parents

Learn how to support the working moms and dads at your business with these tips. Discover which benefits make a difference and can lead to better employee retention.

How to Support Employees With Long or Medium COVID

Follow these tips for offering flexibility to workers with long and medium COVID.

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