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The Definitive Employee Handbook Checklist for 2021

From sanitation processes and health requirements to remote work expectations, there’s a lot of change to incorporate into next year's employee handbook.

Top 4 Employee Benefit Categories That Matter Most to Employees

Benefits can be basic or surprising, but they’re important factors in the decision to take a job or stay with an organization.

Colorado’s Prop 118 and Its Impact on Employers

Colorado voters passed Proposition 118, which will require employers to provide 12 weeks of paid time off to workers for childbirth or other family emergencies.

Colorado’s New Family and Medical Leave Law: What You Need to Know

Centennial State workers will be able to access up to 12 weeks (as much as 16 weeks in certain cases) of job-protected, paid family and medical leave starting in 2024.

Preparing for Payroll Year End During COVID-19

Check out our list of payroll changes impacting small businesses in 2020.

The Top Employee Benefits You Should Offer

A rundown of the most desirable benefits and perks to offer